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Judicial Watch • Saudi and al-Aulaqi Connections to 9/11 pg 36

Saudi and al-Aulaqi Connections to 9/11 pg 36

Saudi and al-Aulaqi Connections to 9/11 pg 36

Page 1: Saudi and al-Aulaqi Connections to 9/11 pg 36

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Date Created:February 12, 2014

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Tags:mihdhar, bayoumi, hazmi, parkwood, Apartments, Iazmi, Eayoumi, apartment, Lemon, Grove, Saudi, Diego, California, Pentagon, records, ICE, CIA

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To: Counterterrorism From: San Diego
Re: 2652!-NY-280350. 10/03/2001
with Omar Al-Eayoumi 6333 Mount Ada Road, apartment 15:7. San Diego,
California. Prior that, they indicated they lived Saudi
Arabia. Al-Bayoumi further appears co-signer and guarantor for
Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar their rental application. A1-Bayoumi
recommended Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar the property manager the
Parkwood Apartments and was listed the co-signer and guarantor
their leae because they did not have established credi According the apartment manager the Parkwood Apartments, Al-Bayoumi
occasionally paid rent for Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar. Although Al-
Hazmi and A1.-Mihdhar always appeared have cash available,
employment was indicated the rentalapp1:.oation. Al~!-Iazmi and 
dhar vacated the apartment the Parkwood complex May 2000 and
owever, for unknown reasons, address Lemon Grove, California was written
Investigation has determined aitsr vacating the apartment Parkwood, A1-Hazmi and A1-Mihdhar moved the above address
Lemon Grove, California which they found through advertisement
the Islamic Center San Diego.
A1-Hazrrii and Al~Mihdhar received flight training while
living San Diego, California. believed they received this
training order able maneuver the hijac
Airlines aixpl the Pentagon.
close friend commercial airline
ego, Cali ornia flown airplane wit
several times. certified flight instructor.
has admitted the 2000, A14-Iazmi and Al-Mihdhar
ted him and spoke him about receiving flight training,
stated Al-Hazmi and A1-Mihdhar specifically asked him they
learn fly Boeing jet aircraft.
ments records indicate Omar Al-Bayoumi and
A1-Bayoumi listed his occupat race
financial support from his family. According the records the
Farkwood Apartments, Al-Eayoumi and his family moved out their
apartment June 23, 2001. Al-Bayoumi advised was leaving the
11.5. and left forwarding address with the property management
company. individual who has requested confidentiality (PC1) has
stated Al-Bayoumi believed work for the Saudi Arabian
Intelligence Service and reports dissident Saudis the U.S.
Rental and other records indicate A1-Bayoumi consistently indicated-
his occupation that student.