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Judicial Watch • Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 501

Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 501

Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 501

Page 1: Searchable JW v State 14-1511 June 3 production (w numbering) 501

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Date Created:June 29, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 29, 2015

Tags:engagements, tolerance, positive, Shaykh, Catholic, violence, religious, Overseas, remarks, Searchable, numbering, Embassy, Video, Secretarys, 1511, International, unclassified, production, department

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-20 14-11262 Doc No. C05800593 Date: 05129/2015 Speech International Religious Freedom. DNSA McDonough spoke Conference Catholic
Bishops Catholic University America where commended positive state from CCB and urged
other faith leaders speak out against haleful and divisive messages.
Cong,ressionaIOutreach. Representative Keilh Ellison issued strong statement and YouTube
video Newt Step: both these items need disseminated overseas.
International Religious/Community leader EngCllement
SpeCi Envoy Hussain engaged Shaykh Hamza Xusuf (US) and Shaykh Abudullah Binbayyah
(MaLlritania) who condemned the violence and are working responses. Both leaders have strong
connections throughout the Muslim World, with whom they are engaging.
NSS/GE and State officers NEA, SCA, and EUR discussed steps officers posts can take
engage local religious and community contacts. NSS/GE has provided State talking points support
this engagement. Next Steps: State officers will engage overseas contacts encourage issuance positive statements and media appearances.
Embassy Kabul and ISAF released joint statement tailored the Afghan audience that caUed for
calm and reiterated our commitment tolerance along with our condemnation all violence. Statl! Department Eld R@ception. September 13, Secretary Clinton and few guests will speak the previously scheduled Eid event. State/PA will interview selected guests, encouraging them
make positive statements that can used overseas.
State Dtoparttne.nt Public Diplomacy Efforts
StatE!/PA sending out ALOAC with the text the Secretarys remarks for their use and
ampnification, which addresses religious tolerance: Some have sought justify this vicious
beha,vior, along with the protest that took place our Embassy Cairo yesterday, response
inflammatory material posted the internet. Americas commitment religious tolerance goes
back the very beginning our nation But lei clear there justification for thiS,
none. VIOlence like this way honor religion faith, And long there are those who
would take innocent life the name God, the world will never know true and lasting peace
cseCs digital outreach team has done engagements. All them have been the events
Ben!:hazi and have relied their entirety the Presidents remarks, the Secretarys remarks and
the c:ondolences the President libya. These are: Arabic: engagements; Somali:
engagements; Urdu: engagements.
State also pushing out video footage highly politiciied. often anti-American sites and looking
for additional footage that may amplify our desired message (for example. there are stories
supposed solidarity marches Ubya support our murdered folks but State hasn seen any
actual footage which could used that confirms that they have already occurred) and that could u:sed new video messaging appropriate.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05800593 Date: 0512912015