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Solis Casa Cvr Ltr

Solis Casa Cvr Ltr

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Date Created:June 12, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Office the Solicitor 
U.S. Department Labor 
Washington. D.C. 20210 

June 11, 2013 
Lisette Garcia, J.D. Judicial Watch 425 Third St., S.W., Ste. 800 Washington D.C. 20024 
Re: 	FOIA REQUEST NO. 716464 Request for U.S. Department Labor records regarding funding for Casa Maryland and visit Casa Maryland made former Secretary Labor Solis May 2012. 
Dear Ms. Garcia: 
This letter partial consolidated response your request dated June 2012, made pursuant the Freedom oflnformation Act (FOIA), U.S.C.  552, requesting the following information from the U.S. Department Labor ("DOL''): 	Documentation funding Casa Maryland, directly through its affiliation with Prince George's and Montgomery County Colleges; 	Talking points, briefing books, any other internal memoranda (in any language) developed preparation for Secretary Solis' visit Casa Maryland this week (referencing the week June 2012); 	Documentation transportation, meals, and security associated with Secretary Solis' visit Casa Maryland this week, including invoices, reimbursement authorizations, and check requisitions; and, 	Notes, agenda, minutes, and any other communications relating Secretary Solis' visit Casa Maryland this week, including video, audio and email contact with the press and third-party organizations before and after the event. 
After conducting thorough search all parts DOL that might reasonably contain records responsive yow request, three component agencies within DOL located responsive records: the Office Public Affairs ("OPA"), the Office the Secretary ("OSEC"), and the Occupational Safety and HeaJth Administration ("OSHA"). The Office the Solicitor ("SOL") providing you with consolidated response behalf all these component agencies. total 708 pages docwnents and 460 photographs were found responsive your request. these responsive records, 329 pages documents and the 460 photographs were located OPA and are being released you full (enclosed). Twenty-eight pages documents were located OSEC and are being released you full (enclosed). 
OSHA located 351 pages responsive documents. AJJ the records identified OSHA relate the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. Specifically, grants that were awarded Casa Maryland fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012. total of32 pages the OSHA documents consist the personal resumes individuals who are cunently, were previously, employed Casa Maryland. After conducting the appropriate balancing test, DOL has determined that the privacy interests the individuals whose personal resumes appear the grant documents outweigh any public interest this information. Accordingly, the pages resumes have been redacted full pursuant FOIA exemption (protecting personnel information the disclosure which would constitute clearly unwananted invasion personal privacy). this time, another pages OSHA documents have been redacted part full because 
they contain information identified meeting the threshold requirements DOL regulations, 
found C.F.R.  70.26, and the provisions Executive Order 12600, entitled Predisclosure Notification Procedures for Confidential Commercial Information. The DOL regulations and the Executive Order require DOL notify the submitter potential confidential commercial information, this case Casa Maryland, that FOTA request has been made for the information. DOL has already initiated the notification process, and once Casa Maryland has had opportunity express its views the possible disclosure the pages 
information, DOL will consider those views and make determination whether FOIA exemption (protecting confidential commercial information) should applied withhold some all the information. After that determination made, you will sent supplemental 
response from DOL addressing exemption applicable, and containing any information from the pages that may released. The information has been identified the enclosed documents with the label "Exemption Submitter Notification Process." you know, you have right file administrative appeal this decision. However, you have already filed suit this case the United States District Court for the District Columbia, reciting your appeal rights this point not necessary. 
Very truly 

Division Management and Administrative Legal Services 
cc: 	Judith Kidwell (vie e-mail: Paul Orfanedes (via overnight mail) 
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