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Judicial Watch • Sonia Sotomayor – 2003

Sonia Sotomayor – 2003

Sonia Sotomayor – 2003

Page 1: Sonia Sotomayor – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 29, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 29, 2013

Tags:Citibank, Sonia Sotomayor, Sonia, Professor, SAVINGS, judicial, meals, school, university, states, Washington, united, 2003, ICE, CIA, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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NEW YORK, 10007 
CHAMSERSOF SONJA SOTOMAYOR (212) 857 2420 u_s, CIRCUlT JUDGE FAX (212) 857 2429 
September 2004 
s:! (/) : :::IJ 
MaryM. Lisi Chair -Judicial Conference The United States Committee Financial Disclosure r..,.. o.J;Z ,:;:: ,,.. ;;;:;Z .r; e> t11 
One Columbus Circle, N.E. ,,,... = iil 
Washington, D.C. 20544 -c::> .,.e:.. 
Dear Lisi: response your letter July 27, 2004, note the following: Part Ill, lines and made simple math error calculating the 15% limit earned income for 2003. The error was partially attributable the changes eost living adjustments that altered du..iing 
the course the year. copy the letter attached hereto, working out the details necessary return the overpayment New York University Law School. Part VII, page line have always had only two accounts Citibank-a checking and savings account. the past, represented 2.002 
report, broke down savings account into interest component and savings component. Since the interest and savings are generated the same account, the 2003 report simply made one Citibank. entry instead two have done the past. 
Ifyou have any further questions, please not hesitate contact me. 
SS/tb Encl. 
.-()-10 Governn1ent Actnf 1918 
l{c-. l/2002 
Calendar Year 2003 u.s.c. app.  101-lil) Cu,t Orgadzation Co:.irt Ap::tls Circui: i,1:...: 1:nidi.: :0Jgl!.> in:fc:.i.te :ictive :>enior sl::uus; r1:1g!HrJtc: lU!lg:c:: ir..C.:;;,:t;: fol!-vr p;irttimc) ReportType (c..leck appropriate typeJ Date initial Fil;sI Do.:e ;:,fR.epor: 51412004 Repvrting Period 1/1/2003 1213112003 
United States Courthouse ::te 00s(:.; the infOrmatlon conta;_71ed this Report and any rnodiftcatio:rs pertaining thereto, is, opinion, coo.piiance with applicable law and regulations. Foley Sqottrc. RoQm 401 New York, New York 10007 Officer h1PORTANT OTES: The instructions accompanying this lb7r:1 must followed. Complete ail parts, checking the NO!xE box for each part where you have reportable information. Sign Jast page. POSITIONS. {Rcpul!ing individual only; pp. 9-1,) vffilm :nstructions) 
NONE (Noreporlabkposi:ions,l 
NAMS Adjun;;t Professor New York University Law School Cnlumbia University School Law 
 ,Cl) (.> is=  ::::0 AGREEMETS. tRporting in ;;.uZ -:-iO -.1r :::! 
Ill NON-lNVESTi1ENT COME. (Rcoortiog indi,cual and spouse; see pp. 17-24 filing instructior.s) --NONE -tNo rponat)le no11-invcstmenl income.; 
GROSS (yours. not spoust:s) Present Lecurer-in-Llw -Columbia U:iiversity School Law $10,000.00 Pres.:r.: Ao