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Special Needs Trainer

Special Needs Trainer

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Date Created:June 27, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Contractual Letter Agreement
Engagement Details 
Date Agreement: 5-27-11  Event: Management Training  
Contract Record Number: 11-06-28-DC-C-1  Date(s) Event: June 28, 2011  
Client:  Ellen King  Time Appearance: 9:00am-12:00pm  
USDA, Agricultural Marketing Services Location: Washington  
1400 Independence Ave.,  Fee: $7603.00 Inclusive  
Washington 20250  Type Presentation: Workshop  
Length Presentation: hours  

Terms Payment: signed purchase order secures the contracted date(s). Payment should made Souder, Betances and Associates, Inc. (Tax ID/EIN# 36-374-3331). Tax Forms and other legal documents, such contracts required clients, should mailed together with this agreement. Expenses, which may include ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals and straight Business Class round trip airfare from Chicago site and return, will invoiced within week ten days following the event. Payment expenses due within fifteen days date invoice. Any fees and/or expenses not paid the due date will assessed monthly late fee 1.5%. Please advised that for those engagements requiring air travel, Dr. Betances schedule may require connecting itineraries other destinations. You, however, will billed only for round trip ticket between Chicago and the site the event. Our travel agents itinerary invoice will provided you receipt the air travel expense. For those engagements only requiring ground travel, ground transportation rate $100.00 per round trip hour will charged for ground transportation. 
Travel and Other Arrangements: Our company will make Dr. Betances air travel arrangements unless otherwise negotiated. You will notified prior the day(s) service Dr. Betances arrival and departure itinerary. ask that clients make necessary hotel reservations and ground transportation arrangements when needed. king sized bed non-smoking room requested. for some reason you cannot make these arrangements yourself, please contact discuss other options. Clients are required complete our Travel, Lodging, and Site Information Form, which will sent you with this contractual agreement. 
Cancellations: Cancellations must sent Souder, Betances and Associates, Inc. writing. Cancellations received within ten days contracted date will require full payment the fee. cancellation charge 25% the fee(s) will deducted from the deposit for those cancellations received advance days prior contracted date. Any expenses incurred prior cancellation will deducted from the balance the deposit, the remainder which will refunded the client. 

Strengthening the World Work Through Diversity 

   5448 Kimball Ave., Chicago, 60625   Phone: 773-463-6374  Fax: 773-463-0429   Email:  EIN 36-374-3331 
Information and Equipment Needs: order prepare his presentation meet your best hopes, Dr. Betances requires certain information which includes profile issues questions outlining the challenge(s) addressed and the anticipated size and make-up the audience. (The enclosed Best Hopes Information Form and Event Description and Site Logistics Form will help you with this process.) also ask that receive copy the agenda and/or listing other speakers and topics addressed during the event. addition, any reports, newspaper articles, newsletters any other print multimedia information about your organization that you can send also encouraged. Dr. Betances requires the following A/V equipment for all his presentations/trainings: portable lavaliere/lapel microphone, computer laptop with least Microsoft Office 2007 PowerPoint and LCD projector screen(s). Dr. Betances also requires that someone present help him load and run his PowerPoint slides during his presentations. Please have cold bottled water available during Dr. Betances presentations. 
Recording and Intellectual Property: Audio and video recordings can negotiated for additional fee. Books and audio products are available for those who are interested. Please contact New Century Forum, Inc. (773) 463-1667 visit order. All material, including any PowerPoint slides, the intellectual property Souder, Betances and Associates, Inc. and cannot used duplicated without written consent. 
Promotional Materials: Upon request, can send biographical data and/or photograph. appreciate receiving copies all programs, photos, promotional material and printed media coverage the event which Dr. Betances included. 
NOTE: Litigation expenses due any violation this contract and its terms will the sole responsibility the client. 
Please sign both copies this agreement and return our copy your earliest convenience. Should you require additional information, please not hesitate contact our Business Manager, Mr. Shawn Surber, (773) 463-6374, via email Thank you for your interest. Dr. Betances looks forward doing his very best work for you. 

(Signature Authorized Client Representative) Dr. Laura Souder, President and CEO Name: Souder, Betances and Associates, Inc. Title: Date: 5-27-11 Date: ___________________ 

Strengthening the World Work Through Diversity
5448 Kimball Ave., Chicago, 60625 Phone: 773-463-6374  Fax: 773-463-0429 Email: EIN 36-374-3331 
Dr. Betances Audio/Visual Needs for all events:  Dr. Betances will need computer/laptop setup, w/LCD projector and screen, and the ability play sound will using PowerPoint Slides which might include video clips with audio. The computer will need have least PowerPoint 2007 (Part Microsoft Office 2007) later.  Also, will need someone help setup the slideshows the computer and run them while conducts the presentation. Dr. Betances will bring the PowerPoint files with him USB Flash Drive (memory stick). breakout sessions, workshops and trainings, each participant will need paper and pen/pencil take notes and work the exercises. There should least one easel with full pad chart paper and markers setup near the front the room for participants come and use.  Dr. Betances will need lavaliere/lapel microphone for all events.  Please have cold bottled water available for Dr. Betances during all presentations/workshops/trainings. you have any questions, please not hesitate contact via email phone (773) 463-6374.
Strengthening the World Work Through Diversity 

5448 Kimball Ave., Chicago, 60625 Phone: 773-463-6374  Fax: 773-463-0429 Email: EIN 36-374-3331 

Please provide the following information enable make final logistical arrangements for Dr. Betances participation your event. NOTE: driving required the part Dr. Betances, please provide detailed directions with map from Chicago the site and specific parking arrangements closest the facility. addition, please complete all relevant portions this form. 
Requested Date/Time Arrival Destination: Requested Date/Time Departure from Destination: 
SITE EVENT: Facility: Address: Contact Person site:  City:  State: one:  
DRESS CODE:  Formal  Business Suit Business Casual  Informal Other: yes, whom?: AIR TRAVEL: Will  Dr. Betances  met airport?         Yes the event flight changes, please provide the following numbers where client rep. can reached.
 Wk#: Cell
 Car Pgr 1-800 Dr. Betances not met the gate person holding sign with his name, will BAGGAGE CLAIM and wait inside the terminal until met paged. no, you recommend that take  taxi shuttle  limo  ___ Car/Limo Service Confirmation Car/Limo Service Phone Will Dr. Betances dropped-off the airport after the engagement? Yes yes, whom?: LODGING: (NOTE: Please Note that Dr. Betances prefers king size bed the non-smoking section.) Will you making hotel reservations necessary?      Yes yes, Name Hotel: Address: Phone: Date Reservation: Confirmation Direct Billing Client Yes no, please suggest closest hotel event: Phone: 
Strengthening the World Work Through Diversity