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Judicial Watch • Stafford Jr William H – 2003

Stafford Jr William H – 2003

Stafford Jr William H – 2003

Page 1: Stafford Jr William H – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 24, 2015

Tags:Syndicate, terminated, Aggregate, Stafford, Pimco, Merrill, Morgan, Stanley, Lynch, partial, mutual, william, stock, 2003, dividend, report, Federal Judge, financial, Judge

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AGREEMENTS. (Reporting indiidual only: pp. l+-16 filing instructions) 
 NONE -tNo report:ihl.: :its.> 
::0 r-.,, -..a lTI 
o{.I) c=> 
::z:>Z ......., 
..., -nr--0 
=-= ,,, !E! Spouses Non-Innstment lncomelf you were .nwrio:d during :my portion ofthc: reporting ye:ir. pl.::iu compl.:t.: this -.1ion. (doll:lr :unoont not required fur bonorari:i) 
 NONE (Nortport:lbkoon-in I.JABILITIES. (lncludc:s those: spouse: 3lld dc:pc:odc:nt children. Sc:.: pp. 32- instructions.) Ort:ablc: lfabilitic:s. 
Nani.: P.:rson R.:jllrting 
Dal.: ofR.:JXlrt 
Stafford, Jr., William 
411312004 ,-aluc end ,,f rel rc:nod 
Trnus.i.:t1,>n. during ttf>rtlng p.:r1,>d D=nr11,,n ,, 111.:luJu,.; trust 
111.t ex.:mpt t:l 
t: t3> t5t 
Place after each c.....:mrt 	Type ICS 
_.1,m.,unt 1cg aluc nluc D:1tc nluc 
Gam Idcn11,,flim rnor Jis.:k511rC Cti:! Ucth,>d buy. sell. c,...ic1 d1 rent C-Xlc.:? i,>dc buycr sdlcr 
1A-H1 1J-P1 c,...ic 
Day 1J-P1 
1A-H1 pmn 
DNONE N,, rcp..>rt.iblc lll-lllC. assets. ,,r,>ns 	Investors Syndicate Ltd. (ltd. Par1nership) Interest Terminated 12-31 Terminated -no payments New Yark Life Insurance Co. Dividend Prudential Lifelnsurance Co. (policy) Dividend 
Holiday Beach Resorts, Inc. (time share condo) None .... Cinergy Corp commoo. stock) Dividend 
Compass Banc:shara (common stock) Dividend 
General Electric (common stock) Dividend 
Goodyear Tire Rubber (common stock) Dividend 
Johnson Jolmson (commonstock) Dividend 
NVIDIA Corp (common stock) 	Nooe 
WalMart (common stock) Dividend 
Wells Fargo Co. (common stock) .Dividend Partial Sell 10-20 
Nuvem INSD Qual Muoi Fund Interest 
14. Southwest Airlines (common stock) Dividend 
lS. Lyondell Cbi:mical (llOIDlllOll stock) Dividend 
16. Allied Capital Corp. (common stock) Dividend 
TYCO Intl conmon stock) Dividend 
In.:,RIC (fam 1, $J.((11) lcss J.(11H-$:50:.:1 $;501-$5.tM)i $5.001-$15.(11)(1 -$15.lOl-$:0.(H)( (,,Jumns :ind D41 $:)JOJ-$1(11).(K:O $ltl1.IKH-$lJ..l!(1(11i $1.l::OJ>l-$.(H.H).(11. H:: :t.forc th.m $5.1w111_oM1 Yaluct.: =$15.11(1orlos. 1-: Sl:.fll-$:0:.lo $5f1.f(ll-$l(1t.1JMl(1 III $ll11i.(H)J-$.::..ll(111 S Cllumns nnJ $5t.tJM,)(1-$5f1(J)(f1 $LtM:..(l-$:.!ttM)J:: =$:/Ol).001-$:5.tMKl.(I =$:::!Jic.1(1_f11)1-$5(1Jo1(ffJf $11 than .:uy.scll merger. rcd.ornplllll Trans.ICIKllS dunr.: lftln8 plt>dc C,1.e ldcnt1ty ,,f buy.:r sdloer 
Ila_ tJ-P1 1A-H1 prl:llC 
 Rowe Price Inc (mutual fund) 
-PIMCO Total Return (mutual fund) 
 Tanpleton Dewloping Markds (mutual fund) 
 PIMCO High Yield A(mutual fund) 
29. 	-Blac1aock. Intamcdiate (mitual fund) 
30. 	 PIMCO Small Cap Value (mutual fund) 
31. 	 Strong Opportunity INV (mutual fund) 
32. 	-ING Intl Value A(IDltllal fund) Partial Sell 
JointMoney Mk1 Fund -Merrill Lynch (X) Int.en:at 
34. Money Mk1 Fwid Merrill Lynch (X) Int.en:at 
Merrill Lynch Global Growth Fund (X) Dividend $1.((iJ-$:500 $:501-$5.((t $5.(1-$1:.(ll)(I $15.00l-$:;(l.(1(11) 
lnL Gmn(ldcs $1.i.( ,,r l.:ss 
oS....C,,lwnnsBI :mJD4 $51.(tl-$1it(((..1 $l(N1J1l-$1.0(l(1.(1((1 $1.(t(lft.tMll-$5.(t(IC).(H)(t =!-.fore th:ui $5.CVl(J 
: aluc roe th.Ul $.