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Judicial Watch • Stanley S Brotman Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Stanley S Brotman Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Stanley S Brotman Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Stanley S Brotman Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:17

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Glenmede, Strategic, Stanley S Brotman, Brotman, Equity, Stanley, trust, 2009, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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POSITIONS. (Reporting inJMdual only; see pp. 9-IJ filing lnstrucdons.) [{] NONE (No reportable positions.) 

lf. AGREEMENTS. (Rponini imlMJuatunly; supp. 14-16 ofjllinginstructioM.) [ZJ NONE (No reportable agreements.) (f1 

III 0N-JNVESTJ.'JENT ME. (Rrporting individual and sporm; pp. 17-U filing 
/Jtstmtions.) Filer's Non-Investment Income 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 

(yours, not spouse's) Spouse's Non-Investment Income -11>011 ""''married 11,,,;,,g any portion th rporringyrar, complrtr this ction. (Do/far umount not required except for honoraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2009 	Director and Secretary American Automobile Association, Club South New Jersey 

IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -rransportatio,,,, entertainmrn (Includes those .:: lA-H) int.) (J-P) Type (e buy, sell, div., rcn Code lMethodC Code (Q-W) demption)re1  ---------1 Transactions during reporting period ___ -c.;) _6i-T(4[_' Gain Code (A-H) e.1 Identity ofbuyer/seller(if ivatep 
- - --- . M -  ------- ----.L__l _______j.------- - ---- -- 

i_____ Advantage Pirmary Liq. Fd/Oppenheimer Interest 	
U.S. Enviro Systems, Inc. els (formerly None Cogenic Energy Sys 	
General Electric els Dividend 

Xerox Corporation els Divide PNC Bank cJs Dividend 
Sun Nat. Bank, Vineland, (ch acct) Interest 
Israel Bonds Interest  Command Asset Money Market, formerly  lnteresl  
W11chovia Cap. Acct.  


Dividend  Wells Fargo Co., formerly Wachovia Corp.  
10.  Israel Bonds  
11.  Minotola National Bank, Vineland,  
112.  (checking)  

13.  -GlenmedeFund lnc.-Tax Exempt Cash Port prin. cash reserve  

14.  -General Electric Co. c/s  

8131/09 (part) lrw.:orne Gain CuJH: ""51,000 le-u =Sl,(JOI. 2,.SOO =52.50 -Sl,000 DSl.001  SIS,000 Sll.OOt  Sl0,000 fSte Columns .uW Sl0.001 5100,UOI. St,000,000 Sl,000,001. Sl,U00,000 =More than S,,000,000 V"lue Codes 1Sl,,OOOuricss l:."515,001-150,000 s50,001 1100.000 aSI00,001  S2l0,00 lC'c Columns .mJ DJ) :-< S250,0U  S500,UOO O=Sl, Fr.1r 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
IJ SPORTSEXPOSITION dtd 111/02 4.6% due 3/1112  Interest  

66. -Target Corp. els 67. St3te of!srael Bond dtd 2/01/02 4.0%  Dividend Interest  

68. State Israel Bond dtd 12/01/02 4.0%  Interest lm:umeGainCoJC1: Sl,lJOOoric>s Sl,!lOI 12,500 Sl.501 SS,000 SS,001 -SI S,000 SIS.001 -Sltl,0110
(SC'c: CQlumns anti 04) =S50,ll01 00,000 =SI00,001. Sl,001,000 SI ,tJOO,Ullt  Sl,000,IMXJ .,," 55.000,000 V.ihie CoJn SlS,000 =Sl5.00t Sl0,000 SS0,001 -SI 00,000 SI 00.00  1250,000	
;SC'c ("'.,l'Jrnni .m01550.000 550.001511MJ,UOO 510,00J. !250,000  
c,So::c (.1lumm. .anJ OJ) "'S50,0UI  S00,000 5100.001  Sl,000.000 Sl.IKlO,llOI. )5.000.000 SS.tlQO,Ofll -SlS.utlO.IKJO  NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
ofAs:--  ---. -------Transa::ons  pcnod  -- ---..   
(including trust assets)  reporting period reporting period  
Plc "(X)" after each asset exempt from prior disclosure L___ ___  Amount(I) Code I_J(A-H)  Type (cg, (2) div., rent, int.)  Value Code (1-P)  Vulue Method Code (Q-W)  Type (cg., Date Value Gain Identity _____(ii_r_il)'"(4)'"-l--(s)buy, sclL mmlddlyy Code Code buyr/sclkrredemption) (lP) (AH) (if private J____  
103.  -United Technologies Corp., els  Dividend  
104.   Glmmede Fund, Inc. -lntemalional Port  Dividend  

-Tweedy Brown Global Value Fund Dividend 

-Willi3m Blair Inst. Intl. Growlh Fund Dividend 

-Quest Diagnostics, Inc. els Dividend 

-General Electric Cap. Corp., dtd 4128106, Interest 
5.5% due 4128111 
109. -United Technologies Corp., dtd 4129/02 Interest 
6.1% due 511512012 
110. -J.P. Morgan Chase Co., did 1125102 Interest 
5.75% due 11212013 
111. -Citigroup, Inc. dtd 2/21102 due Interest Sold 2119109 
-William Blair Intl. Growth Dividend 

-FLP Group, Inc. els Dividend 
115. -Walt Disney Company (dtd) 7/18106, 5.7% Interest 
due 7115/11 
116. -Boeing Co. (dtd 2111103) f.125%, Due Interest 
117. -Bro3dridge Financial Solutions, Inc. Dividend 
118. -Dell, Inc. els Dividend 
Sold 2/17109 
119. -Rockwell Collins, els Dividend lncumc Gail (1Jes; (Sec Cl'lumns and 04) Value C)Jes tSi::e Column.:. ('I .1mJ DJ)  '1h1e k1hoJ(.,IC'!1o 1,000 leu :-S5U,OOI  JU0.000 S,000 le"  Sl,0.001  SlOO._l_m_ ----w--1-(2) -cnT(4)_________(;) Place "(X)" afteeach asset IAmount Type (e.g., Value Value Type (cg., Dare Value Gain Identity 
 cxcmpl from prior disclosw-c '1Code1 div., rent, Code Mothod buy, sell, lmm/dd/yy Code Code buyer/seller -;;;) 	_:_J__lP)_l-::in)_l
 ______-_ ------ ---------___ 
-Express Scripts, els Dividend 

-Omnicom Group, c/s Dividend 

-Glenmede Fund, Inc., Large Cap. Port Dividend 11.rne Ge1in Codes: 1,000 IMS .,,Sl.OOJ  S2,SOO RlOI -Sl.000 =Sl.001 Sil.HOO =Sll,001. SlO.oOO (Sec Cmen< ''H'C (.:,1mn B.,,11( 't!'Je f11hCT 1i1rutrd 

Date Report 
Name Person Reporlln 
Brotman, Stanley 
Transactions during reporting pType (c.g, (e.g., I-dentityof
Valuc tGain 	Code2 Code buyer/seller

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -1ncu"' value, 1ra11sac1iu11 r1nc1ud"' 1hose ofspou and depenJ"'' c1uuren; ...PP. 11-60 I filing ;,,.,,u,#ons.J 

NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.} 
including truStassets) erio

ach asset 


buy, ell, Amount
Pince "(X)" afterexempfrom prior dtselosurc 

div. ren

nl)  _____________ 

137. Delaware, 5.75%, Due l/l/26 	lnteresl 
Wachovia Bank, 3.55%, due 9/l l/09 Interest 	Redeemed 9/11/09 


-Travelers Com panies, Inc. els Dividend 

-Vanguard Global Equity els Dividend 	Sold 12109109 

-Verizon Communications dtd 4/4/08, Interest 

-Hewlett Packard Co., dtd 3/3/08, 4.5%, due Interest 

144. -Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. did /13/04, Interest 
5.15%, due 1/15/14 

145. -Emerson Electric Co., dtd 8/24/05, 4.75% Interest 
due 0115115 

146. 	-Assurant els Dividend 
Sold 5/13/09 

147. -Diageo PCL Sponsored ADR els TDividend 
148. -J. Morgan Chase Co., c/s Dividend 
149. -Patter>on UTI Energy, LLC els 
Dividend Sold 2/17/09 


Gilead Sciences, Inc. els Dividend Buy 2/17/09 

McDennolt Ins. Inc. els 

!53. 	Omnicom Group, els fm.:omc G.un Codn.; ..,5 ,000 less 
(Ste Cvlumns ;md 04) ssn.001. V11lur Co.Jes ::oJJ5,000orleo.!i 
(Sec C.llumn .uiJ DJ) ,52sn.001 s100.01.10 S:S.000.001  SflJXlO.OllQ i:ur .h:tt.110,00t. 51,000,000 11.0UO.OOt  Sl,0!)1).000 -1525,GOO.OOI  ';50,Li00,000 ""irre 1hain SSn.CX)(},000 
'11111!' .le1hoJ1 ... Je1 	] ;irr.ua1 .(" M Jhol 1arr 'h!y "".-.:.."n.m.:-nt
'c-e .1,,.mri tl '.1Joc 111;cr \' . i=.,11m.ttrJ 
-. -------.

 S5,UOt  StS,llO(J St 5.001  SS0,000H2 :More 1han SS,000.000 
 =StOO.UOt  Sll0,000 =Sl.CXlO.UCJI -121, -(':hit t.arkc1 
-.. -..	-----..
----- 	 INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom. ,.,,,,,., ,runsactwns (lnil11ds tltou f.