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Judicial Watch • Stephen G Breyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Stephen G Breyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Stephen G Breyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Stephen G Breyer Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:12

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:transl, MLALS, ERSITY, Breyer, Stephen G Breyer, VANCE, Participant, Invest, meals, lodging, dependent, 2009, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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VII. INVESTJ1ENTS and lJSTS ;ncome, ral11r, rranrnctfr>nJ tlnclude. thole of'P""" and dependent c/111drrn; '"PP J.l.M/ filing ; !/ONE (No rfportable 111c11me. uuc1.1. trwoactium. ...! 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS iricumt, alur, trunrnctivns (Includes thme .e t1nd dtptriden/ clrihirm; '"pp .14-60 filing in.ns.I NONE (No rcportahfr income, oncls, 1ransactirm.1.,I 

VII. INV ENTS and TRUSTS income. ra!ue, transactions r1nc1udes those spouse and deperoden1 ,hudren: ..... pp. .14-fio 11/ fili11g ;,..,,,..,.,jo,,s.i NO'.:E (No repurlabh i11cm11e. asel.1. 1rw1rnc1ium.) 
VII. INVISl MENTS and "fR US1.,S --inconu. valut, rrama,:riorlS (tncludt's 1hou rmut and depend111 chi/Jrt'n: ser PP 3-1.60 ofJilins: intrucrionl.) NONE !No reporrablr income. assets, transac11m1s.) 

VII. INVEST!1ENTS and TRUSTS income. rnlue, 1ransadio"' r1nc1,,11., rho" .if spouse and deprndmt rhildren: .1 111 .1.60 filin im1maions.1 NO:-.iE (No rc{'orrable income. ancrs. tran5acrio11.1.) 

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VII. INVEST1"1ENTS and TRUS1'S --incnme, ,,1u,, lrumnctit>n. (lndudr< those 'P""" unJ drprndent rhilJ,,n: '"PP 1-160 filinx in1tructiuns.) NONE (No reportable income. assets. tra11.1oc1io11s.) II. Dc.->c1ip1iun A!lets lf1...:ome dunng Trarl flt))\ lhll Ill fl'('I< frt1ng rwn )tj induJm trust  porHcr' 
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