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Judicial Watch • Steven M. Colloton – 2003

Steven M. Colloton – 2003

Steven M. Colloton – 2003

Page 1: Steven M. Colloton – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:November 23, 2004

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March 17, 2003 
The Honorable Macy lYI Lisi Chair, Committee Financial Disclosure Judicial Conference the United States One Columbus Circle, Washington, 20544 
Dear Judge Lisi: 
funds which have invested. 
The entries you cite refer funds whichvested through her employers savings and investment plan. The name the particular fund listed Part VII, page line Fidelity Magellan Fund. not understand your statement that Fidelity Magellan offers large number funds. Perhaps you are confusing Fidelity Investments (which does offer large number funds) with Fidelity Magellan (which the name particular fund). The name the particular fund listed Part VIT, page line the Disney Common: Stock Fund. According literature provided 
mployer, this fund invests solely The Walt Disney Company common stock, but maintains-a small cash reserve. believe this information respcnds your inquiry. Ifyou need additional information, please let know. 
Steven Colloton 
FINA.ICIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Government .4..ct 1978 
Rev, 1/2004 
Calendar Year _2003 u.s.c. pp  Wl-lll) Perso:i R;:portlng {Last name, First name, Middle miiLal) Coilo:cn, Steven Court orOrgnizat;op C:. ofAppeals-St; Circuit Date ofRepon 05/1312004 Title (Ar:icle Judges indicate naive senior s:atus; magistrate judges indicate fullw pun-time) U.S. Circu!Judge-Active ReportType {check appropriate type) NottUnation, Date lnitiI FlnEll Reporting Period Ol/0112003 12131/2003 Chamber;; Office Adtiress: 110 Court Avenue, St:ite 429 Des Y.oines, 50309-20$3 the basis oft!;e information conta;ned this Report and any modifications pertaining t;;:rc1o, it is, opin:on, compliance vitb applicable laws a:W regulations. Revv;ng Office-r 
IMPORTA}..TNOTES: The !nstructions a;cotnpar;ying H1is form must fol!owed. Com;:ilete s.ll pa.tS, check!ng the NONE Cox :or each part 
where you have repo::tabl information. Sign last page. POSIDONS. (Repohing individual only; see pp. 913 filing mstruciions} NONE -(No reportable positions.) 
(Reporting h:d.vidual only: see pp. 1416 filing instructions) 
{:;> ,.......... 
lYl NONE (No reportable ngreellnts.) 
r.n::;;re -ff1 
PART;ES TERMS rn_ ,.... 
FINAICLlL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name Peson Rep;:irtlng Da:e ofRcport 
Colloton, Steven 0511312004 
III. NON ItrvESTMENT INCOME. (Reporfog individual and spo-.isc; see pp. 17-24 fiiing instuctins) 
.. Filers Non-Investment lacom t2J );[Ql:1E (No reportable nminvestnwnt ioc01ne-,} 
(yours, POI S?Oll.So;,$) Spouse1s on-Investment Income (lfyou were marriOO during any portion the reporting year, please mplete this sectiok (doHur amo:nt required. except f:.Jr honoraria) 
NONE (No reportable noninvestment income.) 20C3 	American Broadcasting Cos, Inc Wages 
IV. 	REIMBURSE!vffiTS -transportation. lodging. food, eotertainment (includes those spouse and dependent chi!dren See ;:p. 25-27 instructions 
 NoNE (No such reportable reLT.burse:::,e:1ts. 
(No such reporrable gifts.) Federal Bar Association Iowa Chapter 
 NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
Date Report 
Name Person Reporting 
CclloWn, Steven 
:>csccip:ic;1 ofA.llsets {mcbdnf;: rn1:1 assel.S 
?l!t:t (X) Jfi:er e;;h esset exempt fr-0m ;:ir:or dtscluS1.11e 
{Ne reporn:hle income, ts. trnnm;ticns} 
1owa State Bank and Trust Checking Account lowa State Bank and Trust-i-1oney Market 
Smith Barney Muni Money Mackct 
Smith Berney Bank Deposit Program 
Vanguard Prime Money Market 
Vanguard Intermediate Tenn TexExempt Muni Bond Fund VN1, St. Et Regents Doon Bonds, 3,375o/o, Due 711120 IA, Bd. Regents Aca Bldg Bonds, 5%, Due7/J/201:5 IA, Bd. Regentde d.v_ teat (A-H) ir.L) Interesr mterest Interest Intere._