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Judicial Watch • Susan R Bolton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Susan R Bolton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Susan R Bolton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Susan R Bolton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:1

Date Created:November 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Susan R Bolton, Bolton, SUSAN, treasury, Lynch, vanguard, 2009, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Report Required the Ethi.:s 
AOJO Go.-ernmcnt Acr of/97R
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 US.Capp /01-11/) Pcrso Rportinj? (last name. firsl, mtJdk initial} l:lolton, Susan Cour-1 Org1.nization U.S. District Court, Arizona Uatt Rrport 04/16/2010 Title (Art1dc 111 judges indicate active cnior status.: magisua1c judgc:s indic:alc foll-01 p2n-11rnl!) US. District Judge  Active  5. Report Type (check appropriate type} Nomination. Dale lniti.)I Annual Final Sb. Amended Repo1t Reportini! Ptr-ioJ L'2009 12.'J 11:009 Chambers Oftia Address 401 W:ishrngton St., srr Suite 522 Phocni.x. iZ 85003 the h:asis the informuton contained Report And any modilicatiuns pert11ining thereto, is, m) opinion. complianct" with applicahlt law ;,1nd rrgulations. Rrie'o-in OUit:t"r ----Datt  

l!H PORT NOTES: The i11srructio11s aao111panyi11g this form must fol/o,..ed. Complete all pam, checAing the NONE box for each part where you haoe reportable informatinrL Sign 011 l1L,t puge. POS l'J NS. (l1purlJ.,,_t.: iluiiidual 1Jnr; _,et pp. Y-13 ojjiling insrruttion..) NONE (No reporrable positio11s) 

Bolton, Susan Penon Reporting 
r>att Rqrnr-r 
Bolton, Susan 
0411612010 NON-INVESTMENT JNCOME. (R,porr;ng indi>;dualandspouporrab/e /iubihties) 
 Sonoma N"lional !lank. Cr ----Mortgoge on inrercsl office codo1111nium (Pr. VII Jin
f..1errill Lynch Smglc Prcmi11m L.1fr -------Cash vah11.. toan -I. 


(hit Rc:pon 
Bolton, Susan H.. 
0-1il 6120 
VII. INV ESTIVIENTS and TRUSTS -im:u""' IJru. 1ru1uunituu tr,,c1uJ,s 11iuu llfJpuuu and drpndcnr,hitdun: PP JJ.tio 11/filing ;,..uruniuns.> NONE (Nu repurtabli: incume, assets. tra11suclio11s) 
Ocscnptinn l'f A..:elc; ln.:omc du:;n valut 11! (nt..I 

tinduding tru:-;1 3S':>C!S) rpor.1ng prmJ ..:;.( rponmK pr:ri11J 
12) (5)
ti) 12) 111 ill 14)
Type it.g, 
lpli= nni-I =-Cash -1Jrlc1  
ll Coh.11nnl0lJ  ()...,v 'al1.t" "t1th1;r  

Namr Ptrson Reporting 
[)allina Fir>! Bank Buy 0511/09 
28. -Ci1 ib:ik Buy ()pUS-31   -l'C'>l 1hol ['5utc Uni)')  S-.s.:nmrr.1  

l'iamt rersoa 1-hporling 
Datt H:(:pon 
Boltun, Susan ll. 
fWJli/2010 IN/ EST 1-1 and STS -inc.,mOi)or k-,s SL'i.001-1.50.UUO S..'-0.0(!l IU0.000 l /00,001 -1210.000 (cc Column.,; .>nd f)l; -.HJOI -SOO.tl0t  

Redeemed 05116!09 
Redeemed 0)/0)109 
Income Gain (mks 
f.Scc Columns 111 ;,ind f)..IJ 'alue Cods 
(Ste Colunv,s DJ'1 	'aluc Mclhud coo._- (Sci: CtlumH =SI le$S ..50.001 -1100.0t {Reil Eu1c Only) 01hc1 Sl.jOI  15.000 =Sl.fl00,001 -i).OU0.000 150.001 -1100.000 11.000.001 15.DOO,OllO -fore than =Assemcnl [$urnatrd =S).001  Sl).Ol>U ::1ore l1' .in .ll!XJ.!X.>u S 100.U