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Judicial Watch • Tallahassee Weekly Report March 19 23 2012

Tallahassee Weekly Report March 19 23 2012

Tallahassee Weekly Report March 19 23 2012

Page 1: Tallahassee Weekly Report March 19 23 2012


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Subject:  TALLAHASSEE WEEKLY REPORT March 19-23, 2012  


March 19-23, 2012 


Yesterday, the midst Special Session, the Florida Senate passed revised map its new districts. Near the end the Regular Session, the Florida Supreme Court rejected the Senate map constitutional grounds, while unanimously approving the House map.  The newly passed Senate map will taken the House next week, members will travel back Tallahassee debate and vote the map.  The House redistricting committee will meet Monday, with the bill being taken the floor Tuesday and Wednesday. Upon House passage, the map will then back the Supreme Court for approval. 
Under the new map, two pairs incumbents are drawn into the same district, Senators Andy Gardiner and David Simmons, along with Senators Ellyn Bogdanoff and Maria Sachs.  Senator Simmons has indicated that the Court approves the map, will move into the open Seminole County district which includes much the area currently represents. terms Miami-Dade County, Senator Miguel Diaz Portilla filed, and subsequently withdrew, amendment that would have resulted fourth predominantly Hispanic seat being created. Senator Diaz Portilla implied his withdrawal that population shifts would likely lead this issue being resolved later time through the courts. terms the new map for the Congressional districts, Tallahassee Circuit Judge has set hearing for April hear any relevant challenges.  Legislative leaders, namely Senate after the November elections. 

Trayvon Martin light the tragic shooting Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin Sanford, Florida, Governor Rick Scott appointed new prosecutor oversee the investigation.  Angela Corey, prosecutor from Jacksonville, will now take over the case after the local prosecutor, Norman Wolfinger, recused himself. 
The Governor also appointed task force, which will led Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll hold hearings the shooting, and make recommendations for relevant changes state law.   
Aside from Wolfingers decision recuse himself, Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee decided temporarily leave his position, light the scrutiny that has been placed him for what many believe has been mismanagement the case not arresting the shooter, George Zimmerman.   
Trayvon Martins tragic shooting has brought national attention Floridas Stand Your Ground law, which Zimmerman used claim self defense.  Several legislators, including Senator Oscar Braynon, have called the Senate hold hearings into the shooting and possible changes law, and have taken the national media speak Martins behalf. 
The following link will provide you Senator Braynons appearance CNN last night: 

Bill Action This Week 
Governor Rick Scott signed one bill into law this week, 1205, the Drug-Free Workplace Act,, which gives state agency directors the ability randomly drug test percent their workforce, without the need for suspicion.   

implementing the drug tests until existing court case the matter resolved. 
The Governor was also presented with bills earlier this morning.  Listed below are those relevant Miami-Dade County. has until April act. 
 37, Knowingly and Willfully Giving False Information Law Enforcement Officer, Rep. Diaz  this the bill filed result the Casey Anthony trial, and creates Caylees Law. The Board County Commissioners passed resolution, sponsored Commissioner Diaz, support this bill. 
 357, Homestead Exemptions for Seniors, Rep. Oliva  this bill the statutory implementing bill for the constitutional amendment (HJR 169, also Rep. Oliva) which provides for additional homestead exemption for certain seniors.  The Board County Commissioners passed resolution, sponsored Chairman Martinez, support this issue. The bill takes effect the amendment passes the November election. 
 711, Sale Lease County, District, Municipal Hospital  this bill requires various governing boards publicly owned hospitals around the state evaluate the benefits selling leasing hospital facilities not-for-profit for-profit entity. 
 7049, Human Trafficking, Judiciary Committee  this bill, which appeared critical priority based resolution sponsored Commissioner Diaz, increases penalties for human trafficking first degree penalty, and provides additional powers the Statewide Prosecutor pursue these cases. 

Elections Law 
The United States Justice Department informed federal court that feels change-of-address provision found sweeping elections bill passed 2011 discriminatory. had previously informed the court that would also opposing reduction the number early voting days, well restrictions new voter registration drives. 
Because previous violations the federal Voting Rights Act five Florida counties, any changes the states election law must approved the federal government. 
Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation 

Gimenez over their accomplishments this past session.  Senators were unable attend because they were traveling Tallahassee.  Members the meeting included: Delegation Chair Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Vice Chair Jose Diaz, and Representatives Jeanette Nunez, Jose Oliva, Carlos Trujillo, Eddy Gonzalez, Mike Bileca, Daphne Campbell, Barbara Watson, Luis Garcia, and Ana Rivas-Logan.   
Also this week, the County Commission held discussion the 2012 legislative session, Delegation Chair Lopez-Cantera and Vice Chair Diaz attended the meeting provide further insight what took place Tallahassee.  Much the discussion centered 5301, the Medicaid billing issue that have previously reported on.  Chair Lopez-Cantera stated that the version the bill first put forth the Senate would have been much more harmful counties, and the bill that passed makes bit more palatable because allows for the payments made over time. 
Chairman Lopez-Cantera, who termed-out and thanked the Board County Commissioners for the time they spent working together, encouraged the members reach out individual members the delegation early the legislative process order voice any concerns over possible legislation that can affect the county. The Board thanked him for taking the time appear before them. 

Medicaid Billing Issue 5301, the Medicaid billing issue that have repeatedly reported on, was the subject two editorials this week the Miami Herald.  The first was written the Heralds editorial board, and the second was letter Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter, former legislator.  They can found the links below: 
 Editorial Board:  Commissioner Ritter: 
This bill was presented the Governor March 14, has until March act it. 

Business Cuba 
Earlier this week, Miami-Dade County Attorney Robert Cuevas issued opinion stating that the terms 959 cannot enforced the county level until the federal government authorizes the state enact procurement limitations, federal court finds the law constitutional. 959, sponsored Representative Mike Bileca and Senator Rene Garcia, prohibits the hiring companies that have business ties Cuba and Syria. 

Internet Cafes 
The Federal Appeals Court Atlanta chose this week not grant temporary injunction against Seminole Countys ban internet cafes (what have come know maquinitas).  There are currently over 1,000 cafes the state, and rely state statute written the 1970s. 
This past session, the House moved forward with bill Representative Scott Plakon banning these cafes. The Senate was more interested regulating them.