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Date Created:June 9, 2011

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Fromleft,LTCDarrinC.RickettsandLTCDonnH.Hillof 4thBrigadeCombatTeam,101stAirborneDivision,and BGJohnUberti,deputycommandinggeneralofAfghan Development,101stAirborne,conferwithanAfghan nationalarmycommanderinAprilaboutOperation Overlord,ajointeffortthatpushedTalibanforcesoutof theNakadistrictofPaktikaProvince,Afghanistan,and deniedthemexitthroughthemountainousterrain. ARMY July2011 
WewillemphasizeourArmysabilitytoconductboth combinedarmsmaneuver and wideareasecuritytheformernecessarytogaintheinitiativeandthelatternecessaryto consolidategainsandsetconditionsforstabilityoperations, securityforceassistance,andreconstruction. 
ahistoricperiodofpersistentconflict.Atthe sametime,theeffectsofglobalizationandemergingeconomicandpoliticalpowersarefundamentallyreshapingthe globalorderagainstabackdropofmountingcompetitionfor shrinkingnaturalresourcesamidacceleratingpopulation growthandclimatechange. 

Thisrapidlyevolvingandincreasinglycompetitivestrategicsecurityenvironmenthasgivenrisetothemanifestation ofhybridthreatscombinationsofdecentralizedandsyndicatedirregular,terroristandcriminalgroupsthatpossesscapabilitiesonceconsideredthesolepurviewofnationstates. Asthesethreatsbecomeprogressivelyindistinguishable fromoneanother,ourunderstandingof,andabilitytomaster,fullspectrumoperationswillbecomethecentralfoundationalelementtoourfuturesuccess. 
July2011  ARMY 
MinnesotaNationalGuardandCroatian soldierspreparetocleararoomduring trainingattheJointMultinational ReadinessCenterinGermany.U.S.and multinationaltroopswilldeployto AfghanistantogetheraspartofNATOs InternationalSecurityAssistanceForce. 
The Army Capstone Concept, published December 2009, and The Army OperatingConcept,releasedinAugust 2010, spurred conceptual renaissance intended reestablish the critical link between our concepts and doctrine, forging the framework required recast our doctrinal body knowledge for uncertain future. his March ARMY Magazine article, GEN Martin Dempsey wrotethat centralto The Army Operating Concept the idea that 

success the future security environment requires Army forces capable defeating enemies and establishing conditions necessary achieve national objectives using combined arms maneuver and widearea security seize, retain, and exploit the initiative part full spectrum operations. This central idea applicable across the spectrum conflict, from peace war, offensive, defensive and stability operations. translate this idea from concept doctrine, are narrowing the focus our efforts our ability successfully conduct both combined arms maneuver and widearea security, both independently and simultaneously. 

toaccomplishthesetwoactivitiesandprovideforces capableofachievingspeedofactionweneedforcescapable exercising mission command decentralizing authoritytoactfasterthantheenemy. 
Through full spectrum operationssimultaneous combinations offensive, defensive, and stability civil support operationsArmy forces seek gain and maintain position relative advantage. Our ability successfully conduct full spectrum operations enabled through the Armys two core competenciescombined arms maneuver and widearea security. turn, these core competencies represent very specific and unique capabilities. They are inseparable, intrinsically linked within the context joint,
LTGRobertL.CaslenJr. isthecommanderoftheCombined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. previously commandedthe25thInfantryDivisionandwastheMultinational DivisionNorthcommanderduringOperationIraqiFreedom.LTCSteveLeonard isthedirectoroftheCommander'sInitiativesGroupfortheU.S.ArmyCombinedArmsCenter.A graduate the University Idaho, earned master's degrees from Murray State University and the School AdvancedMilitaryStudies. 
teragency, intergovernmental and multinational efforts. 
Combined arms maneuver the application the elementsofcombatpowertoachieveapositionofphysical, temporal psychological advantage over the enemy. Through combined arms maneuver, Army forces leverage decisive combat power against enemy seize the initiative, setting and dictating the terms action while degrading the enemys ability mount coherent response. Striking along unexpected avenues approachwhen the enemy unpreparedand unanticipated ways, are able impose our will and set the conditions necessary resolve the conflict favorable terms. From our perspective, the initiative established and preserved; from the enemy perspective, defeat comes swiftly and with purpose. 
Widearea security functions similarly, while denying the enemy such advantages. Through widearea security, apply the coercive and constructive capabilities the force consolidate gains and establish conditions the ground reestablish stable and secure environment, address immediate humanitarian concerns, and prepare for the transition responsibility legitimate civil authority. Widearea security strengthens and reinforces stability, sets the conditions that enable the success joint, coalition, and other government partners, and provides the foundation for transition. 
Widearea security also supports the ability Army forces not only partner with indigenous security forces order build their capacity protect and secure populations, but also support interagency efforts build partner capacity developing and strengthening governance, the economy, the rule law and other institutions with eye toward legitimacy. Supported appropriate policy, legal frameworks and authorities, Army capacitybuilding efforts focus leading security force assistance, supporting institutional development and participating securitysector reform programs. Widearea security establishes the conditions necessary for these efforts build positive momentum toward professionalizing and strengthening partner security capacity integrate, synchronize and sustain operations. ARMY July2011 

Army/CPLHongYoonki U.S.
Initiative, risk and opportunity are inherently linked within the context full spectrum operations and are fundamental successful combined arms maneuver and widearea security. According 30, When commanders accept risk, they create opportunities seize, retain, and exploit the initiative and achieve decisive results. Risk potent catalyst that fuels opportunity. The willingness incur risk often the key exposing enemy weaknessesthattheenemyconsiders beyond friendly reach. The delicate balance among initiative, risk and

Together, combined arms maneuver and widearea security are underpinned mission commandthe exercise authority and direction the commander using mission orders enable disciplined initiative within the commanders intent empower agile and adaptive leaders the conduct full spectrum operations, stated Field Manual (FM) Operations. Mission command essential operational adaptability. drives initiative and fosters our ability decentralize authority, allowing our forces consistently and coherently act faster than the enemy. When confronting hybrid threats, mission command enables the development adaptive leaders and teams capable anticipating changes the environment, recognizing and managing transitions, and accepting risk create opportunitiestoexploittheinitiative.Inacomplexanduncertain operating environment, mission command fosters the ability the force combine the two core competencies conduct successful, decisive full spectrum operations. 
InJanuary,GENDempseystatedthatmissioncommand emphasizes the importance context and managing the transitions between combined arms maneuver and widearea security among offense, defense, and stability operations,andbetweencentralizedanddecentralizedoperations.Withinthecontextofthesetwocorecompetencies, our evolved expression mission command represents understanding conflict informed nearly decade war: Conflict, its most elemental form, remains fundamentally human endeavor. this contemporary expression, mission command acknowledges and underscores the central role the commander operationsamongthepeople,anessentialcomponenttosuccess inthefutureoperatingenvironment. 

Intodayswarfare,asinthepast,theforcethatretains theinitiativewillwin. 
portunity spurs the spirit the offense through combined arms maneuver: Successful commanders balance risk and initiative with audacity and imagination strike time and place and manner wholly unexpected enemy forces. This the essence surprise, which creates opportunity. 
The balance among initiative, risk and opportunity less important widearea security, though more tenuous. widearea security, the balance tends shift toward risk, which assumes increasingly complex dimensions when small units operate decentralized manner across widely dispersed areas. With limited resources available conduct operations across wide area, commanders must choose the appropriate amount and type capacity that can safely pushed the tactical edge. This turn drives dialogue among leaders all echelons how and where assume risk, and how best mitigate that risk. For these conversations occur among leaders, the command climate must engender trust while encouraging candor and conversation. 

Nearly years after coalition forces entered Afghanistaninresponsetotheterroristattacksof9/11,wefacean emergingstrategicenvironmentmuchdifferentfromthat attheturnofthe21stcentury.A fundamentalshiftinthe internationalsystemproducedaphenomenonFareedZakariareferredtoastheriseoftherest,characterizedby emergingregionalpowers,aglobalizedeconomyandthe growing influence nonstate actors the world stage. Manybelievethismarkstheemergenceofanonpolarpolitical order which power more evenly distributed among regional and global actors, rather than among handfulofnationstates. 
Asthestrategicenvironmentevolvesaroundus,so,too, mustweadapt.Aswebegintorekindleourbasiccombat skillsandrefocusourleaderdevelopmentefforts,wedraw onthecertaintiesofourpastwhilepreparingfortheuncertainties our future. Our Armys core competencies combined arms maneuver and widearea securityreinforce our commitment full spectrum operations while buildingontheexpertisegainedthroughnearlyadecade ofwar. 
 ARMY July2011