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Judicial Watch • Thomas G Nelson Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Thomas G Nelson Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Thomas G Nelson Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Thomas G Nelson Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Thomas G Nelson, Nelson, pound, ATF, thomas, states, united, 2003, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, Judge

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A0-16 Go"'crnment Act 1978 
Re. 1/2004 
Calendar Year 2003 t:.S.C. app.  101111) PcfSCn Reporting {Last nan1e, First narr:e, Middle initial) NELSON, THOMAS Title (Article tll Judges ir,dicate a:::tive senior status; magistrate judges indicate fu!l part-time) 
drcuilJud_ge (Sc;;ior) Clio.mbers Office Address P.-0. Box !339 Boise, 83701-1339 CourtorOrganiza:ion Date Report  
United States Court Appeals  Jt.14/2004  ReponTY?e (check appropriaie type) Reporting Period Nominaticm,  Date  11112003 initial  @Annual Fina! 12!.l l/2003 the basis ofthe i11fonnation contained this Report and any m IMPORTANT NeTES: The instructions accompanying this fo:m must followed, Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for each pa.rt - where you have reportable information. Sign last page. POSIDONS. 
iiZJ NO!l"E (NoreportablepoSitions.)
IT. AGREEl1.ENTS. (Reporting ind;vidual only: see pp. !4-16 offiling instructio::ls) 
!i!J NONE  (No reportable agreements.) o 

AND 2003 Idaho Family Physicians 
IV. REil1BURSElVlENTS transportation. lodging. food, entertainment

VII. 11"VESTMENTS and TRUSTS  income, value., tran5tt.tions: (includes 1b::ise o::ne spmmeand dependent children, See pp. 34-57 filing lnstruclions.J
lr'YIO-'G:tln Codes: ""'Sl,000orle% ""s1,oo;.s;2_sov "'S2,5{) $5,f>'.'.0 ""SS,00!-$15.{VJO .00 -$5GJl00 
(Si:..,Colurnn> anti 04) $5-0,001-$100,01Kl ""SOC.COl- 1.0iJli,Ol!O ..-S UJ0:),0!!l '3,000,000-H2 =Mure 1har: $5,CGQ,!JOO Value Codes S.000 less 1-so.000 "'550,001-S 00,000 =10'.!,001-$250.0l 
iSl:c '.'...'obmns and 0},J 
$${)t1,000 ""$SCIO.JC 1 i.C00.000 $1.000.001-$5,{)0(IJ)OO 1>2 "'SS,000,001-$25J){j(;,(I(}(; S2$,000.VU l-S5D,QH::;,frJD  ,.. SMore ".ho.:; S50,GQC,J:'.;0  
:,, VaLie Me-thod Cmk  ""Appratsa:  "'Cos: {Re;il E:ht:i.t