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Judicial Watch • Thomas I. Vanaskie – 2003

Thomas I. Vanaskie – 2003

Thomas I. Vanaskie – 2003

Page 1: Thomas I. Vanaskie – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 29, 2014

Tags:Centennial, Scranton, Lakes, Thomas I Vanaskie, educational, money, account, mutual, Market, 2003, assets, investment, spouse, reporting, report, ICE, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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A-1-n2.rt Government Act 1918 
Calendar Year 2003 u.s.c. app.  101-111) Person Reponing (Last name. First name, Middle initial) CowtorOrganization Vanaskie. Thomas U.S.Dist.Ct. M.D. 1itlc (Article Judges i!1dicatc senior Status; RcpaitType (check appropriate type) magisttatc judges indicate full-or part-time) 
Date Nomillalioa. 
U.S. District lodge Active Jnililll FIDa1 DateofReport S/13/2004 ReportingPeriod 
1/1/2003 1213112003 Ouimbcn Office Address the basis the infoanatiou contained this Reportand any modificadons pertaining lhcreto, is, opinion, compliance 
P.O. Box 913 
with applicable laws and regulations. Scranton, 18501 
 POSMONS. (Reporting individual on1y; sec pp. 9-t3 offiling instructions> NONE - 111/03 -8131/03 -Director Scnntm1. Prepamtmy School Board ofTnlstecs 10/1/03 -12131/03 -Dircc:tEr AGREEMENTS. (Rqlarting individual cm1y; sec pp. 14-16 filing insttuctions) 
 NONE -CNorcponablcagi=mcnu.> c::: 
u.> rn0 
;; -r! 
::.o lft ...ltlt :.:;:, r-::::;;:: 
Ill. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. CReporting irimvidual and spouse: see pp. 17.24 filing iustrw:tions> Filers Non-Investment Income 
Ii!! NONE -(No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours,.mi spouses) Spouses Non Investment Ineome  (Ifyou were married during any portion the reporting. please complete this section. (dollar amount not n:quired elCCpt for bonoraria) NONE -CNo reportable llOll-inmt:ment mcorpc.> 2003 2003 PmDey Company, Inc. 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -lllllSpmtaliaa. loclging. food. enterlainment. 
(Includes 1hDse spouse aud dcpcndcat clu.1dn:n. See pp. 2527 illstnctiom.) 
li!I NONE CNosucbreponablereimbmscmenis.> 
 GIFTS. (Includes those spouse and dependent children. Sec pp. 28-31 instructi00$.) NONE -CNo such reportable gifts.> West Publishing Co. 	Federal Supplement and F.R.D. 
$3,000 LIABlllTIES. (Includes tbosc spouse and dependentcbildmi. See pp. 32-34 iustructioas.) NONE -CNo reportable liabilitie.> 
CREDITOR 	Great Lakes P.ducatioaal Loan Services. Inc. 	Sallie Mae (Formerly College Crelit) Loan rorllmoucge cducatioo. 	Mass. Edllca!ioaal PiuDciJlg Aathai1;y Capital Ollc MBNA 	CreditQml 	Nelnet 	ACS Loe fer educaticm (coosolidaticm Maa. Bd. Fin. All1h. 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, 1tanscations (mcladcs thDsc oftbe spouse llJld dependent chiklrcn. See pp. 34-S7 ftliog inslIUCtioos.) 
lDeome duriag 
Goss value end 
TnuisactiOllS during reporting period DescripliOD Assets 
(mcluding lrUst assets) reponing period not e=mpt from disclosure(1) (2) (1) (2) 
Place QC) after each 11sset exempt from prior discloswe Amomll Code (A-H) Type (e.g.div. iellt. iiiL) Valoe Code2 (J.P) Value Melhod Code3 (Q-W} 1Jpe (e.g. buy, sell, mergl:I. lion) Dale: Month Day Yalae Coclc2 (J-PJ Code (S) Idelllity buyer/seller (lfphn ltaDsaclion) 
DNONE (No reponabli: income. assetS, ttusactioos) IRAll Div. Int. 
-AJM Weingarten Mutual Fund 
-Davis Venture Mutual Fund -Aegis Realty, Inc. Commou, SIXJCk 316 -Prudential Utility Fund, Class 
-Lord Abbett Affiliated Mwual Fund -Gabclli Value Mulual Fund -Janus Investment Worldwide Mutual Flmd 10. Robertson SU:p1u:as Inv. Trust Bmcrging Growth Puncl -JobD Hancoc:t Global Tech Pull4 
11. -Nokia Common SIDCt 
Vasomedical Common Stock 
13. -Cenll:llllial Moacy Marlt.:ct Pund sale 5122 
14. Bvapem Money Mmbt FIUld Jnll:rest buy 5122 
16. -Lord Abbett Affiliated Mutual Pund -Brokenlp Account 
18. -Centennial Maney Market Fund closed 12123 ln:omc/Gain Cod:s: Si.,00 a.-less $1..001 S.l..500 
(Se Colmn: 811111::, L.o:n.s100.onn =S!OO.OOJ-Sl,000.000 s1,,roc1 =More Illar. :.. Valu:.-Co:i:s: Sl.o:; iess 15.00 -!i0.000 =O.OOlSlDO.C:XJ =SlO.O:ll-!250.DOO $50CJ,OOl-Sl.OQ-J,O:l: Sl.OOO.OOi..i.000.000 ::.rou.o:n-.::::5.0JO.OO:J 
;:; Columru: nn::. D:,i s:SD ,OOCS:SOD.OO:l ;::::: .OU0.0.! l-SC,U.l:,.OJ S-ior lhar. S:SU.008.0[i:i 
Vanaslie, Thomas 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, Yllluc, llllllScations cmc1uc1es hose arlbc spouse and depcudeutm1c1rcn. Sec pp. 34-57 orfiling instructions.> 
 daring Gross value 11t end 
TllllSICtiOllS during reponlng period Desaiplionof Assets 
{mcludiog bUSl assets) reporting period 
Codc2 Method buy, sell, 
D0t exempt from disclOSIR 
(l) (?) (1) (2) {l) 
(.() (S} 
Value ldealityof 
Place cxr after each asset cxaript 
Amowll Type (e.g. Value Value 
om priordlsclosure Cocle div. 
(AH) int.) (J-P) Code3 lll:tFI