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Judicial Watch • Todd J Campbell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Todd J Campbell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Todd J Campbell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Todd J Campbell Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:6

Date Created:November 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Todd J Campbell, Campbell, 2009, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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AOIO Government Act 1978 Rev. 12010 FOR CALF.NDAR YF.AR 2009 USC opp JOI-Iii) Person Reportini: (hst name, first, middle initial) Campbel:, Todc Ticlt (A..rticle 111 judges indicate active senior slal'JS, mag1lra1e .1Jdges indicate full pa:ttimc) Dist11c' Judge -Active Court Ore:rnilillion Datt Rtpon 
Middle D:stnct, Tennessee 	0Jil5/20!0 
5a. Rtport Typt> (rneck appropnJIC' !ypt') Rtp1u11ng Prrind .,om1n;i.1ton.  fhlt'  01:0112009  
,-. Sb.  ln:llal Anr:ua: Amedcd Report  fmal 12/J 12009 Chambers Otric Ad.J..-es:s Or. lhc bas15 thr infornurion contained rhis Report and any mod1l1c:Hian! pui:airunw: rhutfo, is, opinion, rompll:arct "'"llh applicat:lt laws and regularions. Broadway, A-820 
Nashville, 37203 

Rn1e-w1ng Olf1cr ___.__ 	lJ;;ir-----
liHPORTA1VT iVOTES: The instrucrians accompanying this fvrm muH jollvwtd. Comp/tu all parts, checking tlu NONE box for each part whae you have reporrubh information. Sig11 last page. POSJTJON (Reporring indiYi.Jua/ only; sec pp. 9-/J ft/int insrrucrions) NONE (.'Vo reportable positions) 
NAME  ORGANIZATION/ENTlTY  Adjunct Law Professor  Nashv1lk Sci.col Lrn  
NOi'fE (Nu n:purtu/;/e agreemenls) 
Campbell, Todd 

Campbell. Todd 

0}/J 5,201 Spouse's Non-Investment Income -If .YOU hJtrL mJrritd during any p11rrio11 the rrporrin Y"' rompltre th/J uc:1ion. (Dollar amo1;11f required e.:ccp1 for honorG:ria) 

Iv. llll RSEJVIENTS -transparraf/nn. /Mg mg, JooJ. "''"'"'""""' 

amc Person Rcpe>r1int,!

Campbell, Todd 
'l IFfS. (lnrludes rhou Jpvuse and ditptndnr children; pp. U-31 filinx in:,11uc.1ivn:>.) 
[2J r.:ONE (No reportable gijts.) 

--- ---- 
'I. FJ] JTJES. (lnduJv thtl.!filing in,.1ruc1111ru.) 
NONE ( reportahle liahilities) (Sec c1u111u::. 04) 

Campbell, Todd 

03.'l'.12010 Vil 1NVEST1r1ENTS and TRlfSTS -inciJme, val.-. tr11nsacriuns (/nc/di rhose vfspouse and dpend"' childrtn; 1-60 fili'l'T/; in..Hruc1il'MS.) NONF (:'v'o rq/IJrluhle income. ussels. rrurisactions.) 
Place {X)' after 'J.;h assc1 GJm :dcn11;y e;oiempl from pnvr disclosure l.',1Jr bu) cri llrr IAll) {1f pr1i1IC: lransanwn} 
SunTrnst Bank -Ao 
-Si00,000 -1100.JOI. Sl.iX..'0.01JO 
lit -s:.000.COI. ss.or..-0,00J -f.turc. IOJ')) .Uil)J)l}L Value Codt$ "'I 15.000 le