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Judicial Watch • Tom S. Lee – 2007

Tom S. Lee – 2007

Tom S. Lee – 2007

Page 1: Tom S. Lee – 2007

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:25

Date Created:November 14, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 14, 2014

Tags:Tom S Lee, account, states, district, 2007, Codes, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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..... ;.._.;; ,.---. .... ... .. --=>--.;;..,::.. ... 
.... v---....,..lz-.:-, ... (:>_,...........,,_ ........ .., ...te Report Court Organintion 
Lee, Tom United States District Court Southern District 
8/26/08 tie (Article.Ill judges. indicate active senior status; 511. ReprtTypc (check: appropriate type) Reporting Period 
magistrate judges indicat ... .,, 
II. GREE.l1ENTS. (Reporfinc individual only; pp. U-10 }ding instr11ctums.) NONE (No reportable agreements.) rTJ 
PARTIES AND TERMS 2007 State Employes Pension Fund; pension upon retirement age 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transporlalum, lodging,fooJ, enJatalnmart. (lncfuda those spouse anddependent chi/Jren; sa: pp. 15-17 filing Instructions.) 
.12.J NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 
Dtc Repw1 
Name Person Reporting 
Lee, Toms 
NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
Vl. LIABILITIES. (IndNdcs diose Dfspouu-1 mtdWdrm; su.pp. 32-JJ Dfji!ing /nstntctjqtrS.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inco1n4 value, transactions (Indwla ilm ofs-pcrm and Jepaukrrt children; pp. JUO off ding instrlldWns.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.)