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Judicial Watch • Travis TX Sanctuary Policy 2017

Travis TX Sanctuary Policy 2017

Travis TX Sanctuary Policy 2017

Page 1: Travis TX Sanctuary Policy 2017


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:January 31, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 03, 2017

Tags:murder, Penal, Sanctuary, Travis, 2017, immigration, personnel, policy, order, individual, DHS, COUNTY, ICE

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Th: purpose ufhis policy pmmnte puhlm safery llrrouglr wnlmuad Travis County snerirrs
(TCSO) mforeemerrl all Texas cllllllnal laws. nmlecl and serve all resldcnls Travis Cuuuty
regardless lheir immigration Slums, and enrure Lire oonlinued participation mums and
wlmcsses regardless oflhcirimmlgallon status.
POLICY: Lbs policy Lhc mso coopcralc lth us. meigrnlion and Cuslornr Enforccrncnr (ICE) ncourrlanee willa rne fulluvling pmcedum For purposes this soclion, hmlgra and Curlorns Enfommcnl detain requesr (aha
known ICE hour) shall ned any requen local law enfmoemcnl (a)
yolunrarily notify ICE adynuae relensrng die aunreer afn derarner requen. and/Br (b)
enurinue dereuuon inrnnre ueynnd cxplmnnn municipal, male, alfadsml chargli. nding pmbnbl: cause, posung ofball parole, completion ofa senlenee, ing unorhcr Jurisdiction agency deraruer, oourl ordered releuc. ICE dcrarncr
mugs include, and in: no! limllud Iu, DHS funns 17247. 17247D, 247N. and 1-247X.
Judicial warrants any roun order far cumrnued delenuen shall not considered ICE
deurncr requests for purposes orrlds sccllon. [CSD slrull wmply wrln lCE dolorner reuu sl- unrler fulluwlng citcumshmces. (a) wlren
are delainer requerl aceorupaured hyn judlcl nnrrnnr onun order for mlltinued delennou nou onrion, lb: exlml xequired lire judicial warm-ll com order; (b) when lhe
rudivulual who the subject oflhc ICE domincr mqucsl olrargod wth has been oorwicled
onlre following reluniea under Twins law (l) Cupilnl Murder. len rennl Code 19.03, (2)
Murder Fusl Hagen Tex. Penal Code 19.02, (3) Aggravaied Sexual AssaulL Tex. Penal
Code 22.021, and (4) Cominuous Smuggkllg Persons, Tex, Penal Code 2006.
mum-arr consuls nal (=an mjudlcmon guill oour: pursuant rlnzule, uud
uner exhauxmn llre uppelhw pmuess. mun (n) vamles lie 1ndiuial WrAl-mnl oourl
order. (b) are individuals eouyiouon and/Dr senrenee uyerrurued, rcso will decline Lh:
ICE dernrner mqucsl relaring oral individual.
(ml/3M7) Page lCSO ciuls shalt not oonduot initiate any immigration status investigation into
individuals TCSO ourtody provide inronnation iltmttw release date address
[CE 1:) :sz otherwise provided tins policy, TCso personnel shall not expend county sources time eoininuiiioating wllh ICE regarding inmates release dale. inmrueranon stanis dates, unless ICE presents judicial warram eoun oidei. infonna iegardmg
:ncmcmion status cfinmaizs available tire TCSO website information regarding court
dates available tire Travis County Couns website TCSO personnel strait not use any
department resoaroes assist tire eninreement lateral immigration laws. mso
personnel shall not request backup interpretation assistance ICE us. Customs and
border proteotion agents, but tire cvcnK emergeney stiould oontaet supervisors wittiin
TCSO. Absent Judiclll warrant court order, TCSO shall not allow ICE onnduet eivil
immigrntion status investigations tire jnil TCSO nmoes. Nolhing this polioy prevents
tire TCSO fmm dating cooperate wrtti ICE, tire Sheriff determines casc-by-eaae
basis, matters nfnaticiml seounty, TCSO personnel tire jail, patrol, elsewhere may inquire about persons
immigration status employees suspieion nbuui nny [Jason irnrmgrntion status shall
not used basis initinoe oontaot, question, detain, arrest that person TSCD personnel
strait not pnnieipare sweeps intended solely locate anti detain undocumented immigrants,
whether not initiated mmganiud ICE. Any individual who allege: violation the policy set forth herein may rile written
wmplaint for investigation with the Travis County Shcn Internal Affairs Division. TCSO committed protecting lmmig vichms orime items County tlrrongii Iimcly
adrnuiisnauon otrequests tor TrVisa and isa oeiti oatrons. TCSO reseves tire right exams!) discretion any individual case ensure itiat juttlim
served This poiiey way pooliibits restricts sending intonnation requesting reeeiving
intimation train ICE regarding individuals immigration eitinenstiip tus and nottiing tins policy strait construed protutnt restnet CSO personnel from exolrnnging
intorrnation regarding tire immigztion citizenship stanrs otaiiy individual wih ICE. February 2017
Sound niuadu, steeriri Effective Date
{revl/Zl/I Page of2