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Judicial Watch • Treasury Fed Pay Docs 10252011

Treasury Fed Pay Docs 10252011

Treasury Fed Pay Docs 10252011

Page 1: Treasury Fed Pay Docs 10252011


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Date Created:August 31, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Decciuse one above the law! 
August 31, 2011 
Daniel Tangherlini 
Chief Freedom Information Officer 
Disclosure Services, Departmental Offices 
U.S. Department the Treasury 
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20220 
(202) 622-0930 
Re: FOIA 2011-07-065 SF-SOs 
Dear Mr. Tangherlini: 
This letter timely appeals adverse dctennination1 within the meaning the Freedom Information Act (FOIA), U.S.C.  552, seq.: respecting public records request addressed the U.S. Department the Treasury (Treasury) July 12, 2011,
Judicial Watch, Inc., (Judicial Watch).The fOlA request sought Standard Forms (Sf-50s) for all Treasury employees earning $225,000 more, per year, total compensation between January 2011, and the date the request (inclusive). The 
FOIA issue was turn redistrihuted Treasury subdivisions Disclosure Services 
Director llugh Gilmorc.3 'With respect the Departmental Offices, Human Resource Director Kristina Kaptur notified Judicial Watch letter dated August 25, 2011, the conclusion Treasury's search and intended fulfillment ofFOIA No. 2011-07-065.4 
Judicial Watch appeals Treasury's production with respect the Departmental Taylor Appleton, F.3d 1365, 1370 (11th Cir. Fla 994Xwithholding requested documents whole part constitutes "adverse determination" within the meaning .S.C.  552(a)(6)(A)(i)). copy Judicial Watch's .July FOIA here attached Exhibit copy Mr. Gilmore July letter assc11ing much (along with its respective attachment) here attached ;:is Exhibit 

Treasury Depar*mcnt August 31, 2011 
Offices two counts: Only two (2) staffers earned $225,000 more during the period? light responses date from other, comparable executive agencies, can hmdly believed that only two (2) individuals Treaswy's Departmental Offices were being paid annual rate $225,000 more during the relevant period. Consequently, Treasury's Departmental Offices ought compelled find and deliver all SF-50s file and force during the relevant period for the entire specified class. 
II. What privacy interest Lhere the identity