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Judicial Watch • USAF Pelosi Docs 1 762011

USAF Pelosi Docs 1 762011

USAF Pelosi Docs 1 762011

Page 1: USAF Pelosi Docs 1 762011


Number of Pages:50

Date Created:June 30, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:762011, Usaf, Pelosi, Docs, obtained, FOIA

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Signu1un: (Surnume). Grude. Duce 
(b)(6) jYC-03, March 20IO 

Office Symbol Suspense Dute 
SAF/LLH ubjccl SSS Dute 
for DEL Pelosi, Jan Mar 
Attached you will find the package accounting for funds advanced for the expenses ofCODELPelos 

Order# MA-058-10. certify that the attached true and correct accounting funds. 
Destination/Dates: Detroit/I Jan 10. 

.>. Authority for Travel: USC 31. Mar IOii 
USAF Tabs 
" Accounting for Funds/Statement Expenses Tab 1-Accounting Tab 2-PayingAgentTab DO 1081.pdf Paying Agent Orders 
for fund5_SOE.xlsx Orders.pdf 
.>. Forrn 1081 Pay Agent Statement
Tab4 -Paying Agent Tab5 Official Tab6  Authorization Official Participants List 
Statement.pelf PartiCipant:s.pdf letters.pdf Authorization Letter Itinerary and DOD/Commercial Airlift Info Receipts 
Tab7 -Itinerary and Tab -Receipts.pelf 
Comrerical Receipts. 
-1FForm 1768. S11dTSut11m:ary Sh1 5810daSS3pelosi(d.:troil) Jn.11 2010.
QUES'f Tf.n1pl1de Vtl"Slon .t0l9 St-plnb""1'2010. 120329 $q>li
.j,. 1or r"l!tn1 'I-tie. n3i HJ.tFort  
.... ...

Detroit, Michigan 

AMOUNT _  t:J,. 


you! .... 

'..A: iflttl!I l"j
 "*'tt .:..u. l4il t r1!' j.1e1 ... 1!.. 
:11 Ri?i:i,! !it 

l'IR'rlC'.11-11-iL i:4Jf...-PORT