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Judicial Watch • Walter Reed_20110914_WRNMMC VIP Visit Policy

Walter Reed_20110914_WRNMMC VIP Visit Policy

Walter Reed_20110914_WRNMMC VIP Visit Policy

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Date Created:October 31, 2011

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BETHESDA MARYLAND 20889-5600 ni:rt. RO'CR 
OOSMOO ......
From: Commander, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center 
Ref: (a) NAVMED Policy Memo 10-015 provide guidelines with respect the presence and participation families and other partners care. This document replaces the hospital's previous visitation policies for the Seriously Injured (SI), Very Seriously Injured 
(VSI), and Wounded, Ill, and Injured (WI!) patients. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC}, Bethesda promotes and supports patient and family centered approach care. For the purpose this instruction, WII patients are those active duty individuals who are wounded, become ill, who are injured while serving within combat theater. provide guidance for partners care defined the family SI, VSI, and WII patients WRNMMC. 
Other partners care who wish visit the WII population will arrange their visit through the Warrior Family Coordination Cell (WFCC) Office Distinguished Visitation utilizing the Gold Line" (855) 875-GOLD (4653) and will arrange their visit fall between the hours 1000-1500 daily unless other arrangements have been arranged through the WFCC. requested, foster the "Patient and Family Centered Care" milieu within the inpatient environments, visitors refrain from scheduling visits during inpatient quiet hours 1300-1400 daily. keeping with the Patient and Family Centered 

Care" philosophy WRNMMC, families are considered partners within the health care team and are encouraged care for their loved ones while maintaining good personal health without constraint set visiting hours. Children. Children good health under the age are encouraged participate the recovery process with their wounded family member under the direct supervision adult family member. 

WRNMMC uses broad definition "family" defined each patient. This concept supported the American Academy Family Physicians. 
Visits before after the established hours 1000-1500 and during inpatient quiet hours 1300-1400 for other partners care will reviewed case case basis through the WFCC, attending physician, and charge nurse.  Intensive  Care  Units.  Primary  next  kin  (PNOK)  may  
visit  any  time.  Other  partners  care  may  visit  
accompanied  the  PNOK. and VSI Patients. Visitation for the and VSI patients who are not WII will managed the discretion the attending physician and respective charge nurse consultation with the patient. Visitors should limited the immediate family other individuals identified the patient and/or immediate family. These visits will coordinated through the appropriate charge nurse prior being directed the patient's room. 
WII Patients. Those visiting the WII official capacity will make their request utilizing the WFCC "Gold Line" (855) 875-GOLD (4653) and will limited the hours 1000-1500 Monday through Friday. encourage patient and family rest, foster rehabilitative environment, and accommodate clinical necessities, requested visitors refrain from scheduling visits during inpatient quiet hours 1300 -1400 daily. general, officials visiting the WII population outside the established visiting hours will need prior approval from the WFCC. ensure optimal experience, these visits will scheduled five (5) days prior the planned date; impromptu last minute visits the WII will not entertained. WII visits include the following partners care: Family Leadership Title Congressionally Charted Organizations Members the: 

{1} Executive 
{2} Legislative-to include Professional Staff Members 
(3) Judiciary 
Active duty General, Flag, and Senior Executive Service {SES) 
Celebrities and sports personnel vetted through the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA). 
Members the press vetted through the Public Affairs Office (PAO) 
Other partners care who represent committees who wish visit the WII from the Veterans Foreign Wars, American Legion, Fleet Reserve Association, Marine Corps League, Army League, and other similar organizations shall referred the WFCC for WII visits. 
Leadership the Military Coalition and National Military Veterans Alliance. 
Out town visitors visitors who cannot come during normal visiting hours shall referred the WFCC for patient visits. 
Partners care representing verifiable 501 (c) (3} benevolent organizations wishing interact with the WII and provide goods services will directed the WFCC. These organizations will not allowed unfettered access the inpatient environment for the purposes information gathering, solicitation, donation delivery. 

(1) All donations goods services the WII will coordinated through the WFCC utilizing approved processes, vetting methods, accountability, and delivery. 
SI, VS!, and WII patients may refuse visitors any time. 
Partners Care Guidelines 

All non-family visits must scheduled five (5) days advance. Group size will not exceed five (5). 
All partners care, under the age 18, must accompanied adult. 
Photographs may not taken before, during, after the visit without express permission and signed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act documentation provided the PAO and signed the patient PNOK the patient incapacitated. time will personal identifiable information {PII) protected health information (PHI) recorded, retransmitted, and utilized any manner without the express written consent the patient their PNOK incapacitated. 
Due dietary restrictions and infectious disease protocols, the distribution home produced baked goods the patients, families, staff members prohibited. religious items {i.e. Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed given away used during visit. Release Patient Information. All patient information will released accordance with reference (a).  CALLAHAN  
Chief  Staff  
WRNMMC  Intranet