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Judicial Watch • Walter T. McGovern – 2009

Walter T. McGovern – 2009

Walter T. McGovern – 2009

Page 1: Walter T. McGovern – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 12, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 21, 2014

Tags:Walter T McGovern, McGovern, Energy, Walter, office, Washington, 2009, transactions, dividend, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Governmen/ Act 978 
Rev. l/20IO 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app.  101-11 Person Reporting (last name, first. middle initial) Court Organization McGovern, Walter Western District Washington Date Report 05!13/2010 litlc l/r!idc llJ judges indicate active senior status; n1agistmtc judgi:s indicate full-or part-time) Sa. Report Type (check appropriate type) .S. l.listri,1 Judge (Senior! Nomimnion. Date lnicial [{] Anmul 5b. Amcnl.kd Report Final Rtporting Period ()l/012009 12.3]/1009 Chambers Office Addrcs t.:.S. Courthouse the basis the informatfon contained this Rcporl and ;my modifications pertaining thereto. is, opinion, compliance ,ith applicable laws and nguJations. 700 Stcwlrt Street, Ste 13229 sauk, 90101 Rvicwing Officer_ Dattructiun.) Filers Non-Investment Income Spouses Non-lnvestn1cnt lncon1e -I/you were married durillg any p11r1im1 tJftlu reportingyen.r, ,omplete this section. (Dollur amount not required exc:ep1 for hmwrariu.) 
[ZJ NOIE (No reportable 11011-investment income) 
McGovern, Walter 
1 IJ;lS. (Includes those spouse am/ dependent c/lildren; -ce pp. 2,i-31 of.filing inJ>;tr11ctions.) [{] NONE (No reportable gi/is.) DESCRTPTlON 
------. ES. IIndmies tlw.e spou.e llml depenilcnt cllildre11; see .12-33 fjifing iMtr11ctio11s.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
05il 3/2010 
l-kGovcrn, Walter 
VII. VESTMENTS and lfR int.ome, lafoerru11sm.:1hms (lnclude_o; tlw.-.e d 
Gain IJentily 
.j! Type (e.g., 
Type (e.g 
Place (X) ; each asset 
Value Value 
(A-Hl int.) Codc2 Method 
redemption) (J-P) (.1-H) 
exempt from prior disclosure 
buy, sell. mm!dd/yy Codc2 
(J-P) (Q-W) ln..:wnc (1ain (1JC.: ::il.OOilorli:s;:, S.l,iJOI  S:!.500 $2,SOI -SS.OiJO =S5.00  15.0UO $15.001  SSO.lHiO 
(Si..:e (:lun11;-, I.ti .md lHi S50,00l  SIOO,Otkl SI 00.C>O 1,000,rnl!J Sl,U00,00!  $5,00:.1,00U =tvfon: t!m1 $5,U00,000 
-::. .;due-c,);J:.. $15,f:OO k::.:; i...:-Sl5,00l sso.001 W0,001. )250,000 ... 250,n()J  $500,(1(10  )SOO.DOI  $1,000,000 =l.Ot)(),001 i:5,000.fl0{) -S.5.00U.UOI  S25,0CO,IJIJU -$15,000.001  $50,0011,0UO =More than $50,000,000 
_i,_ ;1u-= i.ltthed (dt.; (._) :;)p1;1la/ue, lrtU1Sll(/ion3 (lnduJes /h{)Se af.puuse and dependent children; see PP 34-60 of.filing irutruc:li()IJ..) NONE (1/0 reportable income, assets, transactions.) Transactions during reporting period 
Description Assets Income during Gross value end (itlduding trust assc1s) reporting period reporting period 1--(ll ___ 
Type (e.g., 
(1) (4) 
Date Value Gain hlcnlity 
llact {XY ;.1ftcr ca..::h asset Type (e.g., Code mm/dd!yy Cod Code !-kt hod 
CX(;mpt from prior disclosure 
div., rent. buy, sell, (A-II) 
Code3 int.) 
(if private rcdcmplion) 
... __! L.- 
r:-::-- 118. Homestreet Bank Interest 
19. Scn1pra Energy Dividend 
211. Dell Computer None 
21. Hom:ywell lntl None 
lvlicrosof! Dividend 
2J. Seatc!e IVleUlipolitrn Credi! Union Jnteust 
-0. Washington Fed. Interest Open 06/04109 SpcLlra Energy Dividend 
28. Cvidien. LTD Dividend 
Tycl Elcctroni1.:s1 LTD Dividend 30. folla Bank Interest Vdl,:Fargo-Ta,Frc, ---- lntc 060809 hi.:umc G.1ir. (,di::. 
!.:;.:, C.ilumns. ;md D-1) .;;.Jut! Cc-de.-. 
 	,du.: M.:::hl-.:! Ci,J.- S.:::: Clw1n (:!J ..,5 ,(JOO less =50.0DI  SI00,000 StS,11(10 It.:$ $:?.5n.on1 -ssoo.ono 5.000.0fH  S50.000.000 
J :pp1:11;1I llt)llk ;due Sl.(HI $2.500 =$l00,{l(IJ -$] ,000,IHl{J t (Real El