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Judicial Watch • William E. Smith – 2010

William E. Smith – 2010

William E. Smith – 2010

Page 1: William E. Smith – 2010

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 20, 2014

Tags:Semester, RHODE, William E Smith, ISLAND, agreement, process, Williams, ROGER, smith, school, university, 2010, reportable, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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copy;.@,[ Gowrnmrnt Act of1978 
Rev. inOJO 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2010 U.S.C. app.  /Oll Ptnoa Rrtlq (last name. middle initW) 
Smith, WillilllTI n11t (Aniclc Ill judges indialc live enior 1tat11S; magismte judU indiate full ptllttimc) rticlc III -active Chombon Oftlct AAldrm 
U.S. Courthouse 
One Exchange Trnace 
Providence, 02903 Cown Orsanlzallon D11e Rtport 
Dislrict Rhode Island 02J0812011 !Uport T)pe (check appropri11e type) Rrporrlnr Period Nomina1ion, Initial Sb. Dale Annual Fino! 01/0112010 1213112010 O Ibo buls lhe iDfonnallH coalaioocd llllh lhpart ... 1t1 modlOcatlool perulllill11Mre1., 111a, ploioa, cempUace wttll 1ppllc11>1e and n111blloos. 
Rnkwlnc Ofllccr Dalt 
IMPORTANT NOTES: Theinstnu:di>1U11cco_,,,,,,,.;thuf1m11m1U1kf0Uo-4. Compkt111Jlp.m, chAin8 the NONE box for eocJi port whnY you hoN ttporuzble ilrfonnation. Sign fall page. POSITIONS. fRtp1Ht1n11tilduto111J;m1p. 9-JJ ofJ11mzllrmctiotUJ NONE (No reportable positions.) Direelor Family Service Rhode Island 
AST (Advaneed Science. Technology Adjudication Cclter, lnc.) 
AGREEMENTS. {RJIDnint: /11dirld111:( onfr. pp. J-16 Jlliq itutr11tity Place X) after each usct 
Val Vali>e 
Cade buy,-;mmlddlrJ Coda buyend04) Sl,ooo.401  $5,000,000 U0.001  SI00.000 JIS.001 -Sl0.000 Mon ll>on lJ.000,000 S!00,001  $250,000 
GSI00.001 Sl,OOO.COO SU,001  S$0JJOO SSD.001  SIOO.OOO lcu S15AOO Value COO.. 
(SuColwruV Dll 
 S50).000 S250,ll0 $2.S,000,001  $50,000,000 
OSS00.001 11,000,000 Sl,000.001  U,000,000 Mon: 111an uo.000.000 SS,000.001  SlS.000,000