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Judicial Watch • William R Wilson Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

William R Wilson Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

William R Wilson Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: William R Wilson Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:November 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:William R Wilson Jr, Global, Wilson, acorn, Small, meeting, Growth, william, 2009, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Person Reporting (}ast name, firsL m~ddl tmtml) Court Orgamzatmn 1)at~ Report 
Wilson, J~, Wflham D~stnct Cou~t Title (Arttcle 111 judges iqdt~.ate a~tlve ~emor slal~ts, 5a. Report Type (~heck apwopr al~ ~pe) Reporting Period magtstra:e mdges md~cate full-o~ part-bilge) Nommatmn, 
Oz~c 	01/01/2009 D~stnct Judge 	I-~ ],,ilia] ~-~ ...... Final 
12/3 ]/2009 
5b. Amended Rcpoa Chambe~ O[ficc Address Ihe basis the mformatmn contained this Report and any modifications pcrla~nmg ihereto, ~s, opinion, compliance w~th apphcabl~ laws and regulaBons.
500 West Capitol. State D444 
L~ttle Rock, 7220J 

Reviewing Officer ..... 	Date 
II!IPOR TANT NOTES: The tnstructtons accompanying thi~ fi)rm must follo,,ed Complete all parts, checking the WOPcE box for each part ~here you have reportable tn[ormation. Sign last page.  NONE (.,Vo reportable pos~tmn,~  
POSITION  NAME ORGANIZATION,ENTITY  Bored Membe~  Hendr~x College  Board Member  Federal Judges Assoc~atmn  Bo~d Member  E~ghfl~ Cncmt lhstoncal Somely  --~  Board Member  fnghth Cucmt Judtc~al Councd NON I. (No reportable ~grctment,~ PARTIES AND TE~IS 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORF Page ..... ...... Reporting Wilson, Jr., William  Date Report 05/14/2010 Filers Non-Investment Income _NONE (No teport~ble non-investment mc,ome) DATE  SOURCE AND TYPE (yoors, not spouses) Spouses Non-Investment Income Jyyou were married dn~ing at+), port,on o/the reporung ),ear., complete, thts secttan (Dolta~ ,~mo~nt not ,eq~ed exc~pt for honoraria) NONE (No reportable non-investment raceme.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE 20(i SelgEmployed, awye~  
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS .-,,..~.o,,.,,o.. 7.~s,,.s,,y,,o,~, .,,,,.,,,i.,...t. ~l~"h~d~ tho~c spouse aud dcpcnden: htldtt,n ~ ]d~ng tn~o ~ctt~n~ NONE (No rcportab/e retmbutsemenz~ LOCATION Soulh amhna Bar Januaw 23, 2009 hie Bench,  PLIRPOSE Speake~ for Bar Meeting  ITEMS PAID PROVIDEI) transportation, meals, Iodfimg  American Board oflnal I.,r.vyerg Federal ludges Assomal~on Wings ~ht rags  Ma~ch 27, 2009 Ma3 2009 Sept 2009 De< 2009  Sao D~cgo, Washmgtun, O~egot), GJegory, SI3  Speaker for Ass(~c Meeting Assoctat~on Meeting Phedsant Hunts Pheasant Hunl  meals, lodging transpmtat~on, lodging and meals tra~sportat~on ltanspo~anon  NONE (No reportable g~s.) SOURC~  DESCRIPTION  VALU~  NONE ()Vo repo~ table habilit~es) CREDITOR V~sa Cret ard Mastercard Credit Card  DESCRIPTION  VALUE CODE  

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS .... ,,a~.o., ...... ,io.,, (l.~.a~s .,os~ o/~ ...... NONE ~o reportable income, assets, transact~ot~ Descrlpho~ A~ScI~ Income during Gross value end  
Place "(X/" aider each asseI Amoum (A-H)  (2) Type mr)  (1) Value (J-P) (2) Value Code  Type redempno~n  Dat~ alue  Gain (J-PJ ~A-H)  Ident~ (ffpr;vate  lIotchk~s Wiley ~11 Cap Value  D~dend  AH~ance Bemslem  None  Bu}  8,21~09  4lhancc Small Cap  None  Sold  1.14,09  Blackrock B~c Value BoM~I~ Adv~s[~rs Fqmty  None None  Sold ~par0 Buy 14,09  Cap~lal (ioard~an Growth  None  Buy 14/09  ......  None  Sold  1/22,09  Capital Guardian Research  None  Lln5 ,22,09  ......  None  Buy  8,21;09  Evergreen (.)mega  None  Bu~ 14/09 ...... ~qmty Growth PLUS  None None  Buy (addl) Bu 1/09 91 I;09 15,  GAMCO ...... Monlag Caldwell  None None None  bold (part) Bu? (addl) Bu) 1409 I,22/09 4/09  ...... Multl~nanager Small Cap  None None  Buv (addi) Sold  01~2209 01, 14109  

FINANCIALpage DISCLOSURE REPORT ~on, ~.,  o~/~2o~  NONE (No reportable income, a~e~, ~ran~ac~mns  
OIl]~ing t~Sl assets)  reporting period tepomng p,nod  
Place "(X)" aEcr each asset exempt tlom prior d~scmsure  Amount tode /A-H.  f~pc dt~, rent ml)  Val~e Code (J-P) Value Method Code tQ-W)  T~e buy, sell, rcdcmptmn)  Date Vame Qam mm/dyy Code (J-P) (A-H)~  ]dentl~y private transaeuon)  Mansco Focus-name change-Focus PLUS then Equtty Growlh PLU M~d Cap Value Plus  None None  Sol(] (part) Buy  01/14/09 09,"I ,09  Oppenhmmer Global  None  Bu.,,  01,14/09  Oppenheimer Mare Small Cap ......  None None  Sold [pa, Sold q409 b22~09  ix,  
,2?  Small Company Index  None  Buy  01/14!09  .....  None  Sold  01/22!09  Van Kampen Emerg Mkt Eqm~y-name change-Global Multt-Sector ..... Van Katltpen Cornstock  Bone None None  Sold tpart) Sotd (part) Buy  01,14/09 01;2209 131,14/09 ......  "None  Sold  01/22  Van Kampen Real Estate ......  None None  l  Buy (addIt Sold l 4/09 09 11;09  Van Kantpen Mtd Cap Growth  None  Sold  01/14i09  Lion Oil  F,t alt~,  Endeavor ()d  Royally  American Funds Growth  None  Bu~ ~addl)  0317/09  

~,e Person Reporting Date
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --~ ........ ~,, ...... .... a.~ .... .... ~,,~ .... ~,/~,~; ~-~o o::~,,~ ,~, ......... 

NONE ~:o reportable income, assets, transacttons  
(including trust asset~)    reporting period reporting  
exemp~Place "(X)" afterprmre~Ch asse~from d~sclosure  Amoun:Code [A-H) ; ~e, rent,(c g,d~ ml)  VMue C~de (3-P), Value T~Cbuv, sel],(e gmm,tdd~Date Value/ Gain1 Method Code Code ~1CodC(Q~,)3] redemptmn)  (I-P) [~t~ (A-H)~  /dent~D bu~e~/sdlcr Iransachon) fpr  ......  None  Sold  1222/09  
(pa~r~  Aftra Global ]hgh Vol  None  Buy  0M28/09  ......  N~me  Buy  09/1/09  
(addl)  ......  None  Buy  0902109  
(add})  Columbm Acorn International  None  Sold 02t09  Dt~dge and Cox International  None  Snld  09/02/00  
[41  ETF 8PDR DJR~[I  None  Bu~  03/17/09  ......  None  Sold  12,22;09  
(part)  IShares Barclays T~ps Bond [tmd  None  Buy  12/22/09  IShares "lmst Russell  None  Buy  03/17,09  1Shar~s Russell MIdcap  None  Buy  03/17/09  ......  No!~e  Sold  12/22/09  
(part)  Janus tM~d Cap Value Fund became Perkins M~d Cap  None  Fh!y  
~.8  None  Buy  06./26/09  
(add[)  Loom~s Sayles Global  None  Buy  05/2809 .....  None  r  Buy  09/1/09  
(add:}  .....  None  Bu3  09, 24,  

FINAN CIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT .... ..... Reporfing Date Report  
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ............ .......  
NONE (~% reportable income, assets tran.~acttons  
(including ~ust assets)  ~epomng period  
exe~lpt from ptloz disclosure  Code leo:. t,r Code  redempaon)  buyer/seller  PImco To{al Return Fund ..... ..... ...... Rowe Price Real Estate  None None None None None  Sold ipart) Buy (add!) Bu~ (add]) Sold (part) Sold  01D 4/09 05/4/09 09/1/09 2,22/09 03, 17:09 Rowe Value Fund  None  Sold  103/1 "09  Royce 7olal Return Fund  None  Sold (part)  0317/09 ..... ...... SSGA Emerging Markels ..... Sentinel Small Company ......  None None None None None None  1  Sold (part) Sold (parr) Bu.,, (addq) Sold (pa~t) So!d (pa~t) Sold  0911i09 12/22/09 03,17/09 09/2/09 03q 7/09 2,22/09  Thonaburg Core Growth  Nont.  "I"  Buy  02, 25/09 ......  None  Sold 7,09  ".an k:ck (}lobal Hard Assets  None  Boy  12,23109  

Name Person Reporting  D~te I~epor~  
IX. CERTIFICATION. certif) tl}at all information given above (including information pertaining spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and beliel, and that any infi~rmation not reporied ~,as withheld because met applicable statutory provisiuns permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts ~shich have been reported are il~compliance with the prosisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judicial Conference regulations. 
Mml s~gned original at~d addmonal copras 
(onurntIee Financial D~sclosurc Adnlinistralt~ Office the United States Courts State 2-301 OJ~e (OlLm~bus C~rcle. Washington, 20544