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Judicial Watch • Wilson Jr William R – 2009

Wilson Jr William R – 2009

Wilson Jr William R – 2009

Page 1: Wilson Jr William R – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:9

Date Created:September 15, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 25, 2015

Tags:Wilson, Judges, william, 2009, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, ICE, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Goernment Act 1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC app  101-111) Person Reporting (Jast name, first, middle m1tJal) Wilson, Jr. Wilham Court Orgamzaoon D1stnct CoUJt Ila ofReporr 0511412010 Title (Artccle 111Judges.1r:ilhc.ate J.i..tive :,.emor sta10.s, maglstra:e 1udges md1ca1e full-01 pdrt-lime) D1stnct Judge Sa. Report lyp.:: ((..hed. appoprldlt.. type) >JommJ.tJon, fl11k l11ttal [ZJ :nnua1 Fmal Reportmg Period QJIQJ/2009 12131/2009 
Sb. Amc:ided Rcpo:1 Chambe1 Or!ice Address 500 West Capitol. Suite D444 Little Rock, 72201 bash the mformation contained this Report and an) modifications pcr1a1nmg hereto, 1!!., opmion compliance \tUh apphcable laws and rtgulauons. Rcv1cwrng Officer__ ---Date 
NOTES: The mstructio11s accompu11ying thfaform must followed. Complete all purls, checkmg the NOIVE />ox [01 each part >pQuse, >opp. l-24 ffllmginsrruwons.j Filers Non-Investment Income lONE (No 1eponable non-inlestment income) Spoue Non-JneSttncnt Income -ljyo wer manitJ during any pvrt1011 tJj the upornng year,. complu thH sect11J11 (Dol!a1 .1mo1.1n1 not ,eq1111 e:x.crpt for ho11ora11a) NONE (No rtporwble non-mvestment mcome_) 
Self-EmployeJ, lawyer 
JV. REIMBURSEMENTS --transportullQn, lvtlg1ng.f1wd, elllhrt :ln:11 i/id1I (!f)l ,1-=-s1ovno1 s2su.1Joo 
lSee Column!> :ind L)) =lllO,UOI $100,000 -$!JIJ,0CJI loJ,llflJ,l.HlO -.$1,l_fJO,%, -,1JQ:).Q1, -;:. ,)!l1J,IJIJt ,1)1l{J Qt}fi 125,000,f>O! i0,(>00 =l>Lrt rha 551; iJuO .__10c Value c1h1d ock 1See t..ol1111m(-;>1 :.i1 aial !}fut o::-t{lle11 E..:;t ... Oi>l -Q1hc:r -5. --, :..;e-r.e;-i:\ =-l:.11ll!HC 
Wilson, Jr., William 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, transactions anc1uaes 1hosc ofspouse and dependen1 children; see pp. 34-60 fit inc inmuc11on.) 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactwns) Desu1pt10n Assc5 ncludmg trusr a$Sets) (X) after eah d.Sct mpt from pnor d1M.:Jo:-.urc omi: drn 1aJ:! 0ro$c; value end 
repo:-iing prnud teponmg per:od 
(2) (1) 	(2) 
Amounr fypcfcg, Value 3Jue lodc 
div, rent Code Mrthod (Afl) mt) (J.P) 	rode 1.QWl 
Trnnsacuons durmg n:.,p11mng period 
(2) 	(5) 
(3) !!4i-, 
Typeteg, Ddte Vamc (ram ldcn111yof buy, sell, mm/dd1yy Code Code buyer/seller redemption) (J.P) (A-H) (1f pnvatc 
[1icon1e 1rn Codt 
(See Colamm 111 ::inrl D4) Value Corle 
(Sec:CrilummCI 1mdl>ll dlue t.lctLht l..Oll llSS -$50,001 .SSllU,lll>U 12-,(JOO,fJ!.J iiO.Oli!,(10!1 
l_I =App1.J1dl =f:h) UVV ,,.l,ii00,0UO(5e-f: CtluiPnS (.and D11 =Jnn,OOt. iOll 000 =S-00,001 COIJ 1)01) :oJ,OOU,(JU i5,0il0,0l:O 1.5 ,OO(J 011! S2S IJOO 01Jll p-: 000,00! 1)MO,f.Of1 -/1.tC.I< lh.m )(. (VL.,(!llli ;>.!uc Me!h.u odr 1.,1 -Ap-ir; :=r,y;11 Jte: ,1t 1).ih  !.m;n =BiJ value 01hf1 W-=(idc employment and honurari:i and the acceptance gift hich hae been reported arc compliance with the pro,iions U.S.C. app.  501 ct. seq., ...C  7353. and Judicial Conference regulations.