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Judicial Watch • World War II FOIA Investigation

World War II FOIA Investigation

World War II FOIA Investigation

Page 1: World War II FOIA Investigation


Number of Pages:3

Date Created:October 2, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 02, 2013

Tags:world war II memorial, world war II veterans, blocking world war II memorial, government shutdown

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Department the Interior
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pro] nfthe claim cmption. Hg/In Raxelz. 484 F.2d 870 (1) W73). nicd, 415 977 (1074). addition. onahl scg able portion ofa
responsive record must provided. alter redaction ulian_ allegedly exempt material. 52(b).
For purposes ofth equest. the term record shall mean: any 
primed typed material kind. including hout limitation all cor
memor.u1da. notes. messages. letteis c.-it facsimiles. papers, forms. telephone
messag lOl(, ical data. minutes. book
chart. eemei
clcctzonically, magnetically, mechanically torcd material
without limitation all electronic mail e-mail audio. aural. ual Video
records ecordings. rep) sentations ofar any graphic materia and data
comp from which information can obtained, and (5) any xnateri. using uther
means preserving thought expression.
Jud Vx/atcl1 also hereby requests waiver both search and duplication fees
pursuant U.S.C b>2(a)(4)(A)(ii)(IIi and (_a)(4J(A)(iii). Judie Watch entitled waiver of.earch fees under S.( (a)(4)(A)(ii)(lI) bee. member
the news media. National Scour Department 0/De_/e2 880 F.2d 1381,
1387 (DC Cir. l989)(de ning new met 1.1 within context), dicial Vvlatch has
also been ognized member the news media other FOIA liti_
tinct works ind publi the public. intends likewise with the recur request.
Judicial Watch also entitled complete er both search fees and
duplication fees pursuant U.S.(. Under this 11. records: all fun without any 
reduced below the fees established uncle ruse (11) 
disclosure ofthc information thc aublu interest ely contribute
undeis nding the operations govcmnient
and not primarily the comm interest ufthe
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