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Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

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Breitbart, Judicial Watch Voter Survey: 76% of Election Day Voters Support State Laws Requiring Voter ID

92% Concerned over Government Corruption – 89% oppose current Obamacare law

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch and today released the results of a joint election night survey of voters conducted by The Polling Company Inc. The poll reflects the responses of 806 actual 2014 voters. Highlights include:

  • A large majority of respondents (76%) consider “laws that require voters to present a photo ID before casting a ballot” to be “mostly fair.” Only 21% consider it “mostly unfair.” A total of 69% of Americans consider it “not a burden at all.”  Among minorities, 45% of Blacks and 51% of Hispanics consider it “not a burden at all.”
  • When asked whether illegal aliens should receive “discounted ‘in-state” tuition rates, subsidized by taxpayers, for state-run colleges and universities” 76% of voters disagree, 65% strongly. Among minorities, 58% of Blacks and 59% of Hispanics disagree (8% of Blacks and 31% of Hispanics strongly disagree).
  • A majority of voters (58%) believe “We should enforce current laws that require illegal immigrants to return to their home countries.” And half of all Americans (50%) believe the United States should change current immigration law to slow the rate of legal immigration.
  • Among minorities, 57% of Blacks and 53% of Hispanics agree with the statement, “We should change immigration law to provide legal status to illegal immigrants present in the United States.” Only 25% of white respondents agree with that statement.
  • When asked, “Do you agree or disagree that President Obama should through executive action allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States, 63% disagree (53% “strongly,” 10% “somewhat”). Only 30% agree. Among minorities, 52% of Blacks and 60% of Hispanics agree that Obama should allow illegal immigrants to remain through executive action.
  • Corruption in the federal government continues to be a serious concern among voters, with 92% now saying they consider it a serious problem and 65% saying they consider it “very serious.” This is a 7% increase over the Breitbart/Judicial Watch 2012 election night survey, when 85% expressed concern over government corruption.
  • An overwhelming number of voters did not believe President Obama had kept his 2008 promise to have the “most transparent government in history.” A full 80% said that the federal government has become “less transparent” or “stayed about the same” over the past six years. Of these, 46% said “less transparent,” and 34% said “stayed about the same.” Only 16% said the government has become “more transparent” during the Obama administration.
  • When asked about ballot integrity/voter fraud, 74% consider it a problem and only 22% do not. 35% of those asked consider it a “major problem” and 39% consider it a “minor problem.”
  • Obamacare did not fare well with Election Day voters, with 89% saying the health care law should be changed. 60% said that Obamacare should be repealed altogether, 18% said that “major fixes” needed to be made, and 29% called for “minor fixes.” In addition, 66% disagreed that the IRS should be empowered to “collect information from taxpayers about their health insurance” under Obamacare.
  • Looking to the 2016 presidential election, 67% of voters want the country to “mostly go in a new and different direction” rather than “continue to follow and carry out Obama policies.” When asked about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016, voters were evenly divided: 44% said they “definitely/probably” would vote for her, while 50% said they would “definitely/probably” vote against her.
  • A combined total of 20% of voters said they consider “the economy and jobs” to be the top issue when casting their votes. Education and repeal of Obamacare each were cited by 9% of voters.  And none of the social issues scored above 3%.
  • When asked if the Obama administration should continue “to issue visas to visitors from West African countries in which the Ebola virus is active,” 64% disagree (54% “strongly,” 11% “somewhat”).
  • Almost half, 49% said the results of the 2012 Presidential election would have been different if the public knew the facts then that it knows now about the Obama administration’s initial, misleading story about what happened in Benghazi and the targeting of conservative groups through the IRS.

“The Judicial Watch-Breitbart poll reflected an electorate strongly supportive of protecting both the integrity of the ballot box and our national sovereignty. And by more than two-thirds, they overwhelmingly disagree with the directions in which the Obama administration is taking our country. The fact that the percentage of Americans citing corruption in the federal government has risen by a full 7% in the past two years reflects a growing realization that President Obama’s wholesale disregard for constitutional restraints is taking a serious toll,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “The new Congress has a strong mandate to pursue Obama’s abuse of power in the IRS scandal, hold him accountable for the Benghazi lies, protect our borders, close the door on amnesty, end Obamacare, confront government secrecy, and ensure the integrity of our elections.  Judicial Watch has been happy to do the job of Congress, the establishment media, and the Justice Department for six years.  This election shows that Americans want Congress to follow our lead and get Washington back under the rule of law.”

Overall, The Polling Company Inc. interviewed 806 actual 2014 voters nationwide. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 3.5%.  Results with crosstabs are available here.