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Judicial Watch • Affidavit for David Gregory’s Arrest Released

Affidavit for David Gregory’s Arrest Released

Affidavit for David Gregory’s Arrest Released

Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch just obtained an affidavit from the DC Metropolitan Police Department that shows there was probable cause to arrest David Gregory, who held up a high-capacity magazine in December 2012 when he hosted Meet the Press. Gregory, who violated DC’s laws prohibiting high-capacity magazines, was not prosecuted by DC’s attorney general Irvin Nathan. Judicial Watch, which represented Legal Insurrection, filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DC government to obtain documents of Gregory’s non-prosecution. Read more about this all from Judicial Watch here.

Below is a quote of Tom Fitton from the article regarding Judicial Watch’s stance on the affidavit:

“This affidavit for an arrest warrant of David Gregory shows that NBC News thinks it is above the law. Imagine what NBC News would make of a corporation whose employees violated the law despite being warned by the police! If David Gregory were not a major media personality and not then employed by NBC, he would have almost certainly been arrested and prosecuted for possessing the illegal high magazine clip,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “It is no wonder the District government covered up its special favor for NBC News and David Gregory for two years. Liberals in the District seem to think that they should be immune from the absurd and constitutionally-suspect gun laws they like and want enforced.”

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