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Judicial Watch • Anti-Trump bias exposed in Mueller probe

Anti-Trump bias exposed in Mueller probe

Anti-Trump bias exposed in Mueller probe

Judicial Watch

Breaking new information and more smoking gun evidence about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s corrupt and extremely biased team of liberal political crusaders that have one singular admission and that is to destroy your elected President Donald Trump and unseat the commander-in-chief.

Now, they are trying to create a constitutional crisis that will threaten the rule of law in this country. So, tonight right here we have new and more smoking gun evidence that Mueller’s handpicked minions or bunch of Trump hating Hillary loving partisan hacks that are carrying out what I described as a witch-hunt. In an email released by Judicial Watch, Mueller’s top attack dog told Andrew Weismann told former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, he was so proud of her, this after Yates defied a direct order from the President of the United States Donald Trump and refused to defend his travel ban back in January.

Now this comes as we alerting more information about Peter Strzok, he is the former FBI counterintelligence official we were telling you about last night that was fired from the Russia investigation for sending those anti- Trump, pro-Clinton text messages.

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