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Judicial Watch • Benghazi Committee Seeks Missing Clinton Emails

Benghazi Committee Seeks Missing Clinton Emails

Benghazi Committee Seeks Missing Clinton Emails

Judicial Watch

At a press conference, Hillary Clinton said she will not turn over the private email server she used as Secretary of State and admitted she deleted 32,000 emails from her server, which she said were “private” and contained unclassified material. The House Select Committee on Benghazi is asking for Hillary Clinton to turn over her server to them for investigative purposes. Judicial Watch has been investigating this email scandal through new FOIA requests and lawsuits it has filed. From one of its FOIA lawsuits it filed against the State Department regarding Benghazi, Judicial Watch discovered that Hillary Clinton’s top aides, including former chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills, knew of the Benghazi terrorist attacks and that Hillary Clinton’s emails were missing from the government documents it obtained. Read more about that lawsuit here.

Below is a quote from the article that explains why all of Clinton’s emails were not turned over to Judicial Watch, Congress, and federal investigators:

Mills, it should be recalled, oversaw the document search at State for Benghazi-related materials, which was the subject of a Daily Signal expose by Sharyl Attkisson. Another staffer with a private email habit was Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. Both aides potentially have emails of keen interest to the Benghazi committee’s investigation.

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