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Judicial Watch • DC Admits Obamacare for Congress Scheme Unlawful

DC Admits Obamacare for Congress Scheme Unlawful

DC Admits Obamacare for Congress Scheme Unlawful

Judicial Watch

In an op-ed for Breitbart, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, explains how the DC government contradicts itself when it claims it is illegal for members of Congress, their staff, and their spouses and dependents to partake in DC’s Obamacare small business exchange but says they can continue to receive coverage through it. Congress does not qualify as a small business under DC’s law, yet 12,359 members of Congress, congressional staffers, and their spouses and dependents have already illegally participated in this exchange. To get to the bottom of this unlawful matter, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DC Health Exchange Authority on behalf of Kirby Vining, a DC resident and taxpayer. Read more about the latest developments of this lawsuit here.

Here’s a quote from Tom Fitton on this lawsuit, stated in this article:

We are pushing ahead even as the opposing side pushes back.  On December 12, 2014, we filed an Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss on behalf of Vining. The D.C. Exchange then filed a Reply to the Opposition on December 22, 2014. So, the legal battle continues to rage. In the meantime, you might want to check with your local congressman and senators about what they think about the possible fraud now being committed to provide illegal health insurance to Congress.  You can point them to our documents and demand accountability.

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