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Judicial Watch • Emails draw Hillary Clinton into legal morass

Emails draw Hillary Clinton into legal morass

Emails draw Hillary Clinton into legal morass

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton’s use of multiple personal email addresses to conduct official State Department business as Secretary of State has been the subject of much discussion lately. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says Clinton used those email addresses for unclassified purposes. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, says this issue has come to light from the FOIA lawsuits Judicial Watch has filed against the State Department regarding the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks. This new discovery affects Judicial Watch’s pending FOIA requests and lawsuits.

Here are quotes from Tom Fitton that explain all of that in more depth. These quotes are from the article:

“It’s a reckless approach to hiding material from the public,” said Tom Fitton. “We have dozens of FOIA requests and well over a dozen federal lawsuits in which this information is directly relevant. The government has never told us about this. In fact, in some cases they told us they looked through [Clinton’s] office and there was nothing to be found.”

“There are a bunch of judges they’re messing with in the federal courts right now,” he said. “Our lawyers are analyzing all of this, and we’ll be taking appropriate steps to insure that records are secured and searched. … We’re concerned we were misled even after they found the records.”

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