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Judicial Watch • The FBI’s Dubious Probe of Hillary’s Emails

The FBI’s Dubious Probe of Hillary’s Emails

The FBI’s Dubious Probe of Hillary’s Emails

Judicial Watch

The FBI did everything but drive Hillary’s getaway car. Former secretary of state Clinton is a free woman largely thanks to the tender loving care that the FBI provided her and her conspirators during its probe of her illegal, unsecure email server and related abuse of government secrets. GOP lawmakers concluded this after grilling FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on December 21, behind closed doors, according to John Solomon’s molar-grinding exposé in Tuesday’s The Hill.

Also scot-free is Hillary’s top aide, Huma Abedin. According to Judicial Watch, whose Freedom of Information Act lawsuit liberated State documents, “at least 18 classified e-mails” migrated from the State Department’s secured computers to Hillary’s illegal server to the laptop that Abedin shared with her ex-husband, imprisoned pedophile Anthony Weiner, a former Democratic congressman from Brooklyn. “This classified material includes discussions about Saudi Arabia, The Hague, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the identity of a CIA official, Malawi, the war in Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, and the PLO,” a Judicial Watch news release noted on Thursday. Abedin also sent sensitive State Department passwords to her unprotected personal Yahoo account.

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