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Judicial Watch • New #IRSscandal e-mails reveal a very paranoid Lois Lerner

New #IRSscandal e-mails reveal a very paranoid Lois Lerner

New #IRSscandal e-mails reveal a very paranoid Lois Lerner

Judicial Watch

During congressional investigations into the IRS scandal, Lois Lerner prevented her supervisor from visiting the IRS’s Cincinnati office for fear the targeting she advanced against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status would be uncovered. This was unearthed from emails Judicial Watch recently acquired, which entail a chain of emails between Lerner and her supervisor Tax Exempt and Government Entities (TE/GE) Division Deputy Director Joseph H. Grant. They also reveal that then-IRS Commissioner Steve Miller knew the IRS was acquiring donor information from conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status, a tactic Lerner helped advance in hopes of legally undermining the Obama administration’s political opponents. Read more about these newly unearthed emails here.

This quote from this Legal Insurrection article sums up this new discovery:

This latest batch of information is damning not only because it gives hard evidence to suggest that high-level officials attempted to repress free speech, but also because it confirms what we’ve suspected all along—that these people engaged in a shameless cover-up that went all the way up to the President himself.

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