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Judicial Watch • Not-Great Scott of Florida

Not-Great Scott of Florida

Not-Great Scott of Florida

Judicial Watch

Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) failed to appeal a federal appeals court panel ruling stating Florida cannot clean its voter rolls of non-citizens 90 days before a federal election. This overturned District Judge Zloch’s ruling, which claimed Florida has the right to clean its voter rolls. Governor Scott’s critics include Judicial Watch, which advocates for election integrity. You can read more about Judicial Watch’s legal efforts to help preserve election integrity in Florida with True the Vote here.

This quote from the article explains the consequences of Scott’s complacency:

Governor Scott has now compounded his problems. His allies find his behavior inexplicable, his critics are emboldened, and he is increasingly retreating into a bunker mentality. By abandoning the vote-integrity legal battle he had waged for years just when victory was probably one appeal away, he has ensured that the problem of non-citizen voting will grow and he has weakened officials in other states who are still determined to address the problem.

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