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Judicial Watch • Online voter registration getting new look

Online voter registration getting new look

Online voter registration getting new look

Judicial Watch

Three lawmakers in Pennsylvania’s state legislature want to bring up a bill that would legalize online voter registration in their state, although such legislation has failed in the past. Supporters of this legislation, including its sponsor Senator Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster County) and Governor-elect Tom Wolf, argue it will increase voter registration and participation, save money for the state, and encourage more young people to vote. According to an analysis of this bill, the Pennsylvanian taxpayers will be billed a $300,000 tab to improve the state’s computer systems if this legislation becomes law. Judicial Watch believes this new form of voter registration could result in massive voter fraud. Learn more about JW’s efforts to counter voter fraud across America through its Election Integrity Project here.

Our senior attorney Robert Popper, who previously worked for the Department of Justice, offered some compelling commentary on this matter:

Such efforts may prove self-defeating, said Robert Popper, an attorney with Judicial Watch, the conservative group that has championed voter ID laws.

Security protections could make the registration process more difficult, he said, trying the patience of those who seek an easier alternative to filling out paperwork.

“I don’t think a system has been invented,” that can protect against fraud and is easy to use, he said.




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