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Did the IRS’s Lois Lerner use a secret personal email account to order targeting of tea party groups?

Report: Holder exaggerated DOJ track record on financial fraud

Sisi’s student paper lifts lid on Egypt’s new regime

Critics bash Obama’s plans for vacay

Crapo raises privacy concerns over millions of Americans’ financial accounts being monitored

Taxpayers Footing the Bill for How Much of Eric Holder’s Travel Expenses?!

Documents: Attorney General Eric Holder billed taxpayers for more than $4 MILLION in travel in less than 4 years

Judicial Watch head: Obama likes to play ‘catch me if you can’

Judicial Watch president: Holder’s DOJ is ‘Locus of Evil’

Documents: Health and Human Services Department sought to spend an estimated $159 MILLION per year on new employees to help run Obamacare

Cordray’s Record

Zero Dark Thirty: ‘And the Award Goes to…’

Watered-Down I.G. Report on Pentagon’s “Zero Dark Thirty” Assistance Wins Government Award

Government agencies to crack down on ‘spoof’ videos, expenses

GSA produced movie parody videos, skits

Terror leader Awlaki paid thousands for prostitutes in DC area, documents show

Exclusive Documents: Was Anwar al-Awlaki a government asset?

Government Targets 5 Million Americans for ‘Warrantless’ Financial Surveillance, Watchdog Says

Cheryl Mills, Clinton cover-up expert, strikes again

DOD Inspector General Report: SOCOM Purged Their Osama bin Laden Files after Judicial Watch FOIA

Vote Fraud Alert: One Out of Five Registered Ohio Voters is Bogus

Obama administration to blame for jailing of hero Bin Laden doctor, says Pakistani report

Eric Holder’s Long History Of Lying To Congress

Posts trashing Muslims may violate civil rights

Newly released docs show inconsistencies in FBI training manual censorship

MILLER: D.C. dirty tricks in Part II of unfolding David Gregory mystery-drama

At least 120 illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition

IRS boss of Tea Party probes targeted anti-Clinton group in 1990s


Investigation Boston: The Moscow Connection

USDA/Mexico Spanish-language flyer: Get kids on food stamps without showing documents

Government responds to 9/11 records request… 11 years later

When Colleges Create Their Own DREAM Acts

Exclusive: Judicial Watch Investigating Cost of Sasha, Malia Bahamas Trip

Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Report

Justice attorneys wary of Perez’s nomination for Labor, cite ‘most devastating indictment’

Examiner Local Editorial: Locked out of the White Hous

Thomas Perez is a Hero to Some, Liberal Hack to Others

Holder Faces New Questions About Racial Bias, Credibility After IG Report & Documents Released

Feds Gave $3.3 Million to Nativist, Classist ‘Diversity Training’ Firm Over Five Years

The Diversity Racket

USDA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Controversial ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’ Seminar

Nefarious coziness: Justice & the SPLC

Tacky: Morris Dees & SPLC Reveal a Kind Note from Brad Reynolds

Superior Court Judge Refuses To Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging Impound Order

Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious

Should the Government Release Bin Laden Death Photos?

Senate Must Ask Brennan About Bin Laden Film Leaks

FBI refutes claims it suspected al-Awlaki role in purchasing 9/11 hijackers’ tickets


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