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Obamacare costs skyrocketing

The abortion industry’s looming RU-486 legal crisis


Democrats losing long war against voter ID

The Fast & Furious scandal: Sunshine ahead?

Another Possible Smoking Gun Tied To Operation Fast and Furious

Lawsuit based on alleged government targeting of tea party group organizer can go forward

Feds downplay ISIS threat on border

Disclosures Pried From Government Strongly Suggest Terrorist Awlaki Was an Informant

House seeks new contempt for Eric Holder

From the Border, Whistleblowin’ in the Wind

Enemy or Asset? FBI documents show radical cleric Awlaki communicated with federal agent in ‘03

A Special Counsel to Investigate the IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups

‘You And What Army?’ How The Obama Administration Strongarms Congress

Watchdogs Slam President’s Perez Power Play

‘1 of the worst attorneys general in history”

Attkisson on Media Fast and Furious Coverage: ‘We Should All Be Embarrassed’

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s Sister on Timing of Holder Resignation: “Not a Coincidence”

Eric Holder Runs from a Ticking Time Bomb

Gowdy’s Game Plan


Slow Start for the Benghazi Select Committee

Obama Overreaching: A Constitutional Crisis?

U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico

Controversial DHS Adviser Let Go Amid Allegations of Cover Up

Hillary Clinton’s staff told to hide any documents that could make her inner circle look bad in aftermath of Benghazi

Texas Sheriff: Reports Warn Of ISIS Terrorist Cells Coming Across The Border

Clintons’ speeches are cozy for Wall Streeters but closed to journalists

Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

State Dept memos show security guards were bugging out months before Benghazi attack

Judge rules group can pursue EPA texts

After Denials Ten Days Ago, DHS Admits ISIS Is Planning Border Infiltration

State Dept had warnings about weak Benghazi security nearly THREE MONTHS before deadly 2012 terror attack

Judge splits difference in Holder contempt suit

Cal Thomas: The McDonnell verdict

Judicial Watch’s Fitton: No One Buys IRS Lost Emails

Will Orange Be the New Black for IRS Chief Lois Lerner?

If There’s No Imminent Threat To Our Southern Border, Why Is Ft. Bliss Stepping Up Security?

Why did the IRS clean out Lois Lerner’s Blackberry as probes began?

‘Fake’ IRS scandal spawns real coverup

Running Out the Clock: Do controversial IRS e-mails exist? Government answers with delay tactics

2 gates at Fort Bliss restricted until 5 a.m. Tuesday

Washington Post Covers Voter Fraud Inaccurately and Incompletely

‘It’s all been a big lie!’ Obama administration lawyer now admits ‘missing’ Lois Lerner emails WERE backed up

House Bills Taxpayers for Lawsuit as Similar, Privately Funded Case Unfolds

George Will on IRS: “It Is Off The Rails And It Is Now Thoroughly Corrupted”

IRS lawyer: Lois Lerner’s Blackberry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe

Issa: IRS commissioner faces new grilling by House investigators since Lois Lerner’s ‘lost’ emails do exist

IRS Shocker: Filing Reveals Lerner Blackberry Destroyed

Federal Judge Takes Extraordinary Steps in IRS Lawsuit

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