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Judicial Watch • The Sinking of the FBI

The Sinking of the FBI

The Sinking of the FBI

Judicial Watch

As I laid out in detail in a recent interview for Judicial Watch, discussing the role of Fusion GPS, its interactions with the FBI, and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony before a Senate committee, the evidence is rapidly emerging that senior officials in our government, most likely up to and including then-president of the United States Barack Obama, worked in concert to illicitly, and possibly criminally, derail the candidacy of the opposition party’s presidential candidate using fabricated information (or, as former FBI director James Comey described it, “salacious and unverified”) obtained by a private investigations firm from an enemy of the United States: Russia.

Even worse, once that effort to derail that candidacy failed and that candidate, Donald Trump, was elected, those same individuals used the same manufactured evidence as the basis to launch an investigation, employing the vast authority and technical resources of the United States government, whose ultimate goal, I believe, is to impeach and remove that duly elected president.

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