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Judicial Watch • Judicial Watch Announces “Jesse Jackson Exposed”

Judicial Watch Announces “Jesse Jackson Exposed”

Judicial Watch Announces “Jesse Jackson Exposed”

Judicial Watch

Special Report Offers Never Before Released Information Detailing the

Tactics of Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

(Washington, DC)  Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes corruption, announced the release of a special report, “Jesse Jackson Exposed,” which details the intimidation and shakedown tactics of Jackson’s so-called civil rights organization, the Rainbow Push Coalition.

The report’s introduction reads:

Jacksonhad been exposed…as an extortionist who uses his influence as a civil rights leader to essentially blackmail wealthy corporations with absurd discrimination threats.

While some of those tactics have been published in the past, this special report offers detailed information – never before released – gathered during the discovery process of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and the subsequent trial.  It also includes incriminating admissions from Jackson made under oath at trial.

AmongJackson’s shakedown tactics highlighted in Judicial Watch’s report:

  • Jackson lobbied the Federal Communications Commission to block companies seeking government approval to merge until they donate money to Rainbow/Push.
  • Jackson publicly chastised Toyota for running an ad Jackson deemed “racist.”  Even after Toyota pulled the ad,Jackson threatened a boycott against Toyota to force the company to launch a $7.8 billion “diversity program.”
  • Jackson installed one of his friends, J.L. Armstrong, in a management position at Toyota to determine which organizations would receive $700 million in contracts awarded by Toyota.
  • Minority businesses pay Jackson’s “Trade Bureau” a fee to help extort lucrative contracts from corporations.  During the trial, Jackson compared the Trade Bureau to “Noah’s Ark,” claiming that minority businesses and organizations had to be inside the “ark” to survive.

“Not only did Judicial Watch force Jesse Jackson to answer for his behavior in a court of law, but we also learned new information about how corrupt officials like Jackson operate,” said JW President Tom Fitton.  “This is an important public education benefit that comes with every single lawsuit Judicial Watch pursues.”

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