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Judicial Watch • Video News Release: Chris Farrell Soundbites/Transcripts On the Issue of Voter Fraud

Video News Release: Chris Farrell Soundbites/Transcripts On the Issue of Voter Fraud

Video News Release: Chris Farrell Soundbites/Transcripts On the Issue of Voter Fraud

Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch will host a special educational panel on Thursday, February 16, 2017, from 12 noon to 1 pm ET to discuss “The Voter Fraud Crisis.” The panel will be shot live in studio with a nationwide feed. Expert panelists will address the voter fraud and election integrity debate.

A key member of the panel is Chris Farrell who is the director of investigations and research, and has been a member of the Board of Directors since September 2003. Chris served as a Military Intelligence Officer – specializing in Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence. He is a specialist in national security matters, specializing in unconventional warfare and terrorism.

Cut One:

Take-Away: “Voter fraud and voter registration fraud are real. It’s proven both statistically by sampling data from voter registration numbers and census numbers. There’s one county in Mississippi that has 240% more people registered to vote than actually live there.” [25 seconds]

Cut Two

Take-Away: “Interestingly, we’ve had to fight the Obama administration concerning voter integrity. We have also had to sue sitting Republican secretaries of state. So in Indiana and Ohio, we filed lawsuits because Republican secretaries of state and Republican voting administrators weren’t terribly interested in coming up with a plan because it’s real work. You have to go in – and they are not well staffed and they might not be well funded – but they have got to go in and go through the rolls, and find duplicates, find people, and if you are looking at dates of birth and you have someone who is listed on the rolls as 115, they probably are not a legitimate voter, they probably should have been removed.” [52 seconds]

Cut Three:

Take-Away: “There’s two parts of the national voter registration act. Section 7 talks about going out and registering everybody who’s eligible – that’s a good thing – it casts a wide net. Because we want to make sure there is a lot of participation and that if you are eligible to vote you should go out and vote. Section 8 though – right behind that – says that the secretaries of state and the county officials and voter registration offices must purge their voter rolls, check them, and make sure they are complete and accurate. In large part you see a lot of folks on the left are very excited about Section 7 of the law, they are not too excited about Section 8. They are not interested in having complete and accurate voter rolls. They just want everyone under the sun to get out and vote. But to really have some integrity to the process, to really have confidence in our voting system, you need to go out and try and enroll everyone that is eligible but in the very same breathe you need to make sure the voter rolls themselves are accurate, true and correct.” [1:19]


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