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Judicial Watch • Video News Release: Tom Fitton Soundbites/Transcripts on the Issue of Voter Fraud

Video News Release: Tom Fitton Soundbites/Transcripts on the Issue of Voter Fraud

Video News Release: Tom Fitton Soundbites/Transcripts on the Issue of Voter Fraud

FEBRUARY 13, 2017

(Washington, DC) –Judicial Watch will host a special educational panel on Thursday, February 16, 2017, from 12 noon to 1 pm ET to discuss “The Voter Fraud Crisis.” The panel will be shot live in studio with a nationwide feed. Expert panelists will address the voter fraud and election integrity debate.

Please review the soundbites below of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the issue of Voter Fraud. Tom will moderate the all-star panel on Thursday, February 16, 2017.

Cut One:

Take-Away: “We’ve really had a rule of law crisis on election integrity with the Obama administration. It actually has opposed efforts to clean up the roles and then make sure your votes are secure. They oppose voter ID, they oppose any sensible election reform in states across the nation working with hard leftists groups like the ACLU to stop voter ID and other commonsense reforms. The Obama administration even opposed the idea of making sure only citizens are registered to vote. Why on earth would you be opposed to that other than for the fact you want illegal aliens and aliens to vote?” [43 seconds]

Cut Two:

Take-Away: “Judicial Watch did comprehensive investigations into voter registration fraud and whether the voting rolls are clean or not, and in many states upwards of 20% of the rolls are dirty, and when you have dirty voting rolls you have dirty elections. That means you have dead people on the rolls, or people who have moved away, and obviously the danger is people can vote in their names and localities won’t know about it because they don’t ask for voter ID.” [31 seconds]

Cut Three:

Take-Away: “Looking at the studies that have been put out there in the academic world, and you look at the numbers, it stands to reason there could be hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal alien votes, and I mean aliens who are lawfully present here and those who are illegally present. And the only way to check that is to do the type of study and investigation President Trump has suggested. But certainly, it’s not just the few dozen people voting illegally, and I don’t know if it’s three or five million like President Trump has suggested, but whatever the number is, shouldn’t we want to know about it as a nation?” [38 seconds]


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