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JW Sues for Records of Former FBI Counsel Baker’s Communications with Steele- Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for all records of communication from January 2016 to January 2018 between former FBI General Counsel James Baker and anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele… Read more

Billions in TSA 9/11 Security Fees Diverted by Congress for Other Causes– Money to sustain the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continuously flowed into the government’s coffers via a special security fee collected from every passenger, yet Congress didn’t release the funds during the shutdown… Read more

Food Stamp Fraud on the Rise as Government Allows “Retailer Trafficking”– Weeks after a federal audit blasted the government for failing to curb rampant fraud in its multi-billion-dollar food stamp program, two Ohio men have been indicted for operating a $2.7 million scheme that spanned six years… Read more

New York’s War on Religious Education- New York State has opened the door to a war on religious education. New guidelines from the state’s Department of Education are framed as applying to all “religious and independent schools” in New York, but no one is fooled… Read more


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Ethics Committee won’t punish Cory Booker for ‘Spartacus’ release of confidential Kavanaugh email- Washington Times– The Senate ethics committee has decided it won’t punish Sen. Cory Booker for releasing confidential emails during the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett M. KavanaughRead more

Obama’s Secret Rationale for the Raid on Bin Laden- Bloomberg- So it looks like those secret Osama bin Laden memos are going to stay secret a bit longer. These are the written opinions by lawyers at multiple U.S. intelligence agencies, drafted in 2011 at the request of President Barack Obama’s administration, on whether the U.S. had the legal right to capture or kill bin Laden at his hideout in Pakistan… Read more

Fitton: JW Moves to Question Top Obama-Clinton Officials About Benghazi, Clinton EmailsBreitbart– The Departments of State and Justice will not investigate themselves we now know, and of course we can’t expect any more efforts in the House of Representatives to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent behavior in high office… Read more


Must Watch

Tom Fitton: Targeting of Trump’s Team ‘Worst Corruption by DOJ in Modern Times’- January 29, 2019- Watch Now! 

JW Inside Report: Indictments against Roger Stone are ‘Watered Down,’ Don’t Involve Conspiracy w/ Russia- January 31, 2019- Watch Now!

Tom Fitton: ‘Air Pelosi’ Travel Abuse Update, NEW FBI/RussiaGate Collusion- February  4, 2019- Watch Now!


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