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Judicial Watch: Homeland Security Records Reveal Officials Ordered Terrorist Watch List Scrubbed –– Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained 183 pages of documents from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that the Obama administration scrubbed the law enforcement agency’s…http://jwatch.us/Vbwmxm

Judicial Watch: Air Force Academy Uses “Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund” to Pay for Cadets’ Attendance at Festivals Celebrating Witchcraft, “Faery Magick,” and Voodoo — Judicial Watch announced that on October 8, 2015, it obtained documents from the United States Air Force Academy…http://jwatch.us/TFHmgF

Water Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Flint, Michigan — Caving into the demands of the open borders movement and pro-immigrant Spanish media, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will refrain from enforcing immigration laws in areas of Flint, Michigan affected by a water crisis. The water amnesty is…http://jwatch.us/WpoQwx

FBI Anti-Terrorism Website Up with Muslim Group Changes, Omission of Islamist Extremists — A government anti-radicalization internet program set to be launched months ago is finally up and running with the changes demanded by Islamic activists that claimed the original version was biased…http://jwatch.us/vv3Zte


HILLARY TALKS JUDICIAL WATCH — “Ahead of another release of State Department emails, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton conceded that the FBI investigation into her private server is not part of a right-wing conspiracy, but said some right-wing elements are driving the matter.” Then there are these lawsuits…http://jwatch.us/BYARFQ

WITCHES BREW — “Judicial Watch has relentlessly pursued Clinton’s “home brew” email arrangement, filing at least 20 lawsuits connected to the matter… Judicial Watch’s multiple legal attacks have yielded tangible results, despite what it has described as failures on the part of the media and Capitol Hill.”  http://jwatch.us/xJJcX9

IT MAY HAPPEN — “Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, president of the legal watchdog group, said that while ‘Clinton’s testimony may not be required initially, it may happen that her testimony is necessary for the court to resolve the legal issues about her unprecedented email practices.’

We suggest that Judicial Watch, which provides an indispensable public service, move quickly on this. Voters deserve to know why Clinton opted to use a personal email account handled by a private server. Or as Sullivan said, ‘this case is about the public’s right to know,’ because the ‘constant drip, drip, drip of declarations’ has created a strong appearance of impropriety.” http://jwatch.us/dv1yjX


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