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Judicial Watch Targeted by Obama Administration — Three years ago we reported on videos produced by the General Services Administration (GSA) that show senior GSA officials and staff participating in costumed playacting and parodies. Here’s a flavor: The Rocky Jog – With the Rocky movie…http://jwatch.us/ZnvLkG

Judicial Watch: Federal Contractor Tells Local Official to Keep Syria Refugee Plans Secret — Judicial Watch today released 128 pages of documents it obtained from the mayor of Rutland, Vermont, showing a concerted effort by the mayor and a number of private organizations to conceal from the…http://jwatch.us/JY9jJM

Judicial Watch Expert Clinton Scandal Panelists Accuse Comey of Lying, Call for Senate No Confidence Vote — It is a yes or no question… Did this event [Clinton release of classified material] occur, yes or no? And if it did occur, who is responsible for it… And if you walk it back….http://jwatch.us/p5aMJD

State Dept. releases 75 Clinton emails discovered by FBI — Clinton deleted about 30,000 emails from the private server setup she used while serving as secretary of State, saying they were not work-related, before turning over thousands more to the government. But while examining her machines, the FBI…http://jwatch.us/RgG6ht



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BOMBSHELLS via Tampa Bay Times — “Tom Fitton and the lawyers at Judicial Watch unearthed a bombshell. Scouring through a cache of documents tied to the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack that killed four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, they discovered an email with the subject ‘PREP CALL with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 pm ET’… Congressional Republicans had investigated Benghazi for more than a year by the time Judicial Watch got the email through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. But the White House’s role in shaping the early, false narrative provided critics with a smoking gun. The email was used to justify a select House committee that grilled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for 11 hours straight.”…http://hrld.us/2dVcl7z

HRC Campaign & State Dept Planned Judicial Watch FOIA Response   — “Now, courtesy of the latest leak by Wikileaks, which earlier today released another 2,000 emails by Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, we may have stumbled on evidence of collusion between the State Department and the Clinton Campaign itself. In an email from close Hillary’s confidant Heather Samuelson, also known as ‘the Clinton insider who screened Hillary’s emails’, we learn the intimate details leaked by Samuelson regarding a FOIA request submitted previously by Judicial Watch regarding Bill Clinton speeches, which shows that virtually entire process was being translated over to Hillary’s campaign.”…http://bit.ly/2dEal3a






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