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Inside Judicial Watch: The Truth Behind the Trump Dossier

In this edition of “Inside Judicial Watch,” Carter Clews sits down with James F. Peterson, Judicial Watch senior attorney, to take a deep dive into the dodgy Trump dossier. You’ll hear James discussing its origins, the major players involved, and the political implications it has on our government and media…

Inside Judicial Watch News Brief: The Manafort Indictment

Inside Judicial Watch: The Latest on the IRS Scandal

JW Senior Attorney Ramona Cotca returns to “Inside Judicial Watch” to give a breakdown on notable scandals involving the politicization of the IRS that Judicial Watch has investigated, including the targeting of conservative groups over their tax-exempt statuses and promoting Obamacare with the HHS using your private tax information.

Evidence continues mounting against James Comey

JW Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch Chris Farrell joins Lou Dobbs on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to explain why former FBI Director James Comey could come under investigation in upcoming months.

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