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U.S. to Grant Immigrants Who Give Terrorists “Limited” Support Asylum


12 Years after 9/11 Immigration Plan Offers Security Measures

Could this be a joke? Nearly 12 years after 9/11 the senate’s brilliant immigration proposal promises to finally secure the border, implement a system to crack down on expired visas and a mandatory employment verification program nationwide…in five years!   If it wasn’t so scary it would certainly be funny.…


DHS Watchdog Indicted for Covering Up Illegal Alien, Drug Smuggling

In a case that’s rocked the beleaguered Department of Homeland Security (DHS), two officials assigned to crackdown on corruption at the agency have been indicted for ordering the falsification of records—including active criminal probes—to obstruct an investigation into crooked federal agents. The case comes out of Texas and it is…


Obama DHS Lets ACLU Block Another Deportation

It appears that the leftwing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) continues to call the shots at the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS), this month blocking the deportation of yet another illegal immigrant on the verge of being removed. We saw a similar situation a few years ago when the…


Military Radar Shows Mexican Border Is Not Secure

While the Obama administration insists the Mexican border is secure, a sophisticated airborne radar system created to track Islamic terrorists shows that less than half of the migrants and smugglers crossing into the United States get caught. This alarming security gap obviously means that the southern border is far from…


Mexican, U.S. Media Too Scared To Cover Border Crime

Violence along the southern border has gotten so out of control that both Mexican and American journalists have stopped reporting it out of fear that drug cartels will retaliate against them and their families.  This means Americans will be kept in the dark about the crisis along the porous and…


Influx of Illegal Aliens Arrested At Border Expect “Quick Release”

Word of the Obama administration releasing “waves” of illegal immigrants from detention centers around the U.S. spread throughout Mexico, leading to an influx of migrants turning themselves in to Border Patrol with the expectation that they too would be let go. The illegal border crossers are surrendering in large numbers…


Illegal Alien Who Killed Nun Was on Obama’s Supervised Release

The deadly results of President Obama’s “supervised release” program for illegal immigrants were exposed long ago by a Judicial Watch investigation of a Bolivian national (Carlos Martinelly-Montano) who killed a Virginia nun in a drunk-driving accident. A Homeland Security report obtained in the course of JW’s probe details policies and…


U.S. Releases “Waves” of Illegal Immigrants from Custody

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, President Obama is using impending budget cuts to justify releasing “waves” of illegal immigrants from detention centers throughout the country.   Groups of illegal aliens have been freed this week from facilities in Texas, Florida and Louisiana, according to a mainstream…


Sanctuary Policies Aid Gang-Run Prostitution Rings in DC

In yet another example of sanctuary policies enabling criminals, the area surrounding the nation’s capital is infested with juvenile sex-trafficking operations run by illegal alien gangs that benefit from don’t-ask-don’t tell immigration policies practiced by area police.   For years violent street gangs, especially the MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha, have…


ICE: Open Border Groups Dictate U.S. Immigration Enforcement

Special interest groups that advocate on behalf of illegal aliens are dictating immigration enforcement in the U.S. and prohibiting federal agents from implementing many of the laws enacted by Congress. The shocking revelation came this week during congressional testimony from a veteran Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who serves…


$125 Mil in “Improper” Medicare Payments for Illegals, Prisoners

Lack of timely communication between federal agencies has cost the U.S. government as much as $125 million for medical care that isn’t even supposed to be provided to illegal immigrants and incarcerated criminals. It’s yet another case of government incompetency that’s like a swift kick in the stomach during a…


State Study: Licensing Illegal Aliens Can Reduce Fatal Crashes

While a handful of states have indicated they’d like to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses—and some already have—one has come up with a rather creative way to justify it; by publishing a study that says it will actually reduce fatal accidents.  Even for California, which has a number of illegal…


Colorado Pushes Illegal Alien Discount Tuition Law

Colorado lawmakers are more determined than ever to pass legislation that will give illegal immigrants discounted tuition at all of the state’s public colleges and universities, essentially forcing taxpayers to subsidize their education. Several attempts have failed over the years but a state newspaper reports that Democrats, emboldened that they…


Court Says Kidnapping Not Serious Enough to Warrant Deportation

In what may seem like a bad joke, a U.S. federal appellate court has spared an illegal immigrant convicted of kidnapping from deportation ruling that it’s not necessarily a crime of moral turpitude. The decision, issued this week by the famously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, rambles on for…


Another State Gives Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses

In what appears to be a national trend fueled by the powerful open borders movement, this week Illinois became the third state in the U.S. to pass legislation that will allow illegal immigrants to obtain official driver’s licenses.  The measure had strong bipartisan support in both the Illinois House and…


Obama Gives Illegal Aliens Happy New Year

It will be a very happy new year for illegal immigrants thanks to several Obama initiatives, including the cancellation of an effective federal-local immigration enforcement program, slashing the number of deportations and the extension of a controversial hurricane amnesty. The president even signed a rare private bill a few days…


Court: Illegal Aliens Don’t Have 2nd Amendment Rights

Judges across the country have ruled over the years that illegal immigrants have certain constitutional rights in the U.S., but a federal appellate court has drawn the line with the Second Amendment, which interestingly is the topic of heated discussions lately. The case involves a Mexican national, Nicolas Carpio-Leon, arrested…


U.S. Clears Criminal Illegals with Removal Orders for Public Benefits

As if President Obama’s stealth amnesty program weren’t bad enough, one in eight foreigners who have been ordered deported—including serious criminals—subsequently get approved by the government to collect public benefits while they live in the country illegally. This is yet another one of those sad, only in America stories. The…


Feds Secretly Free Dangerous Criminals Instead of Deporting Them

The gigantic U.S. immigration system operates under a cloak of secrecy, releasing thousands of dangerous criminals who avoid deportation and commit deadly crimes after being freed by the feds, a disturbing newspaper series reveals. The three-part series (“Justice in the Shadows”) was published this week by Massachusetts’ largest newspaper after…


Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle May Get U.S. Residency After DUI Scandal

In a rare move that indicates President Obama’s illegal alien uncle is receiving special treatment, a national newswire reports that an immigration review board has delayed the deportation of Onyango Obama to determine if he can remain in the United States despite his criminal transgressions. It’s a highly unusual step…

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