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Clinton Pays Eight Senate Staffers to Work on Campaign

Senator Clinton’s dual use of her full-time Senate staffers is somewhat unprecedented. At the moment she is paying eight of the staffers as much as a $2,600 monthly stipend in order to work on her upcoming re-election campaign. Despite what one might think, this practice is perfectly legal. But despite…


More Trouble For Marion Barry—What’s New?

It’s not surprising that the politician best known for appearing in an FBI surveillance video smoking crack, is once again in legal trouble. Marion Barry, a four-term District of Columbia mayor, appeared in that tape 15 years ago and later got convicted on drug charges and served jail time. Now…


Socialist Drug-addict Athlete Leads Anti-American Protest

Folks at the White House must be shaking in their boots that a washed out soccer player well known for his drug addiction and tight friendship with Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, is the guy leading an anti-American protest at a South American summit that George Bush will attend this week.…


Massachusetts Fraud/Extortion

A top aide to former Springfield Mayor Michael Albano was indicted on tax fraud charges and within 24 hours the mayor of nearby Chicopee was arrested and charged with extortion. Anthony Ardolino was former mayor Albano’s chief of staff from 1996 to 2001 and for years federal investigators have been…


FOIA At Work

Here is a perfect example of how valuable the Freedom of Information Act?a favorite Judicial Watch tool?is: When former head of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Lester Crawford, resigned abruptly a few months ago, mum was the word from government officials. Suspecting some kind of financial wrongdoing on the…


Oil-for-Food Money Could Be Traced to Clintons

In the final report of the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program issued by Paul Volcker (available at their website), an American name turns up that some may remember from the Clinton years. That name is Marc Rich. The report states that Marc Rich & Company financed…


Alito Building Momentum

It appears President Bush’s second choice to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor is much more popular than his first, especially among conservatives. Hugh Hewitt has a new poll up on the Alito nomination. With 18,000 votes counted, approximately 94% think President Bush made a wise choice and would support…


Former Governor Indicted

Don Siegelman was the governor of Alabama from 1998 until 2002 and in 2006 he will be a candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. But first he must answer to some serious charges detailed in an indictment this week. Siegelman pleaded not guilty to corruption charges for supposedly trading political…


GOP Donor Charged

A major GOP donor already involved in an Ohio state government scandal has been charged with giving thousands of dollars to other people to contribute to President Bush’s re-election campaign in order to skirt a $2,000 limit on individual contributions. Tom Noe, a coin dealer already being investigated for the…


Offical Report: Massive Fraud at U.N.

It is not surprising that the final report of an ongoing independent investigation reveals that the United Nation’s oil-for-food program was so badly managed and supervised that more than half of the 4,500 companies doing business with Iraq paid Saddam Hussein illegal surcharges and kickbacks. The lengthy inquiry details how…


City Attorney’s Suspicious Money

Here is an original line from an elected official who took campaign money tainted with suspicion and conflict-of-interest; ?I was not aware they were donors.? That is what Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said when the local newspaper printed a story that documents how he took thousands of dollars…


Councilman Faces Larger Debt After Indictment

Today a grand jury indicted Philadelphia City Councilman Rick Mariano for taking bribes “to help businessmen finagle schemes that cost taxpayers more than $700,000 – crimes that netted him just $30,000.” Considering the seriousness of the charges, an attempted cover-up of the illegal misdeeds, allegations of witness intimidation, and a…


Political Reform For Tennessee

The Chattanooga Times reported yesterday on a new focus to reform politics in Tennessee. After the FBI brought charges against nine current and former Tennessean politicians in their Tennessee Waltz probe, citizens of the Volunteer State have become more concerned about ethics reform. The Tennesse Waltz Probe was a sting…


More FEMA Negligence

Just when you thought that perhaps the Federal Emergency Management Agency was getting its act together, a Florida newspaper has revealed the troubling findings of FEMA’s latest mishaps in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It turns out that the agency has paid millions of dollars to families that don’t exist…


Maryland Senator Indicted

Former Maryland state senator, Thomas Bromwell, was once one of the most powerful figures in Annapolis. He was first elected to the senate in 1983 and rose to the powerful position of Finance Committee chairman. His career has taken quite a dive. This week he was indicted on federal corruption…


U.N. Scandal’s Virginia Connection

A Virginia oil trading company has pleaded guilty to grand larceny in the United Nations oil-for-food scandal and will pay a $250,000 fine. Midway Trading, located in Reston, Virginia, is one of thousands of companies connected to the oil-for-food program created to supposedly help Iraqis cope with U.N. sanctions imposed…


FEMA Wakes Up

The folks running the Federal Emergency Management Agency have apparently been stricken with common sense. After being criticized for awarding more than a billion dollars in no-bid federal contracts for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, FEMA has vowed to re bid in an effort to prevent any waste or abuse. Why…


Justice Department Rejects FBI Proposal to Dismiss FBI Whistleblower Special Agent Robert G. Wright, Jr.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that the FBI’s proposal to fire Special Agent Robert G. Wright, Jr. has been rejected by the Justice Department. Judicial Watch represented Special Agent Wright in his efforts to reverse the FBI’s decision to dismiss him…


Lobbying San Diego

San Diego’s Union-Tribune has a new piece up on the matter of lobbyists and the troubling amount of influence they have on City Hall. It is the most recent article in a series examining San Diego’s finances and decision making. The article first describes a real scenario where a living-wage…


Corzine Promises to Clean up Corruption

Two days ago, Jeffrey Gettleman wrote in The New York Times about the current governor’s race in New Jersey. Jon Corzine, the Democrat who spent nearly $60 million of his own fortune to win his Senate seat in 2000, is now battling to win the open seat. One of his…

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