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FBI Agents Paid For Attending Cocktail Parities, Watching Movies

The government agency that protects the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats bilked taxpayers millions of dollars by encouraging employees to collect extra pay for attending cocktail parties, exercising and watching movies.  For nearly five years Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents working in Iraq were actually

Clinton Foundation’s Secret Donor List

As expected, Bill Clinton’s foundation has accepted millions of dollars from numerous governments, companies and private parties that have obvious interests in U.S. foreign policy. How convenient for the wealthy benefactors that the former president’s beloved wife is about to become the nation’s secretary of state. The list of more…

Mexican Drug Cartels Biggest U.S. Crime Threat

Providing yet another solid argument to secure the southern border, a new government report details how Mexican drug trafficking organizations have for years represented the greatest crime threat to the United States. The sophisticated and violent Mexican cartels have established varied transportation routes, advanced communication capabilities and strong gang

Clinton Cover-Up Secretary Works For Obama

The loyal Bill Clinton secretary who helped him obstruct justice and conceal an extramarital affair with a White House intern is working for Barack Obama. The 69-year-old Clinton confidante, Betty Currie, has emerged from retirement in Maryland to join Obama’s all-star transition team. Could it mean that Currie will soon…

Emanuel, Blagojevich Talk Senate 21 Times

Barack Obama’s chief of staff was recorded discussing Illinois’ vacant Senate seat with the state’s indicted governor 21 times, even though the president elect assures his staff did nothing wrong in the bribery scandal that has rocked the nation. To prove it, Obama conducted a thorough internal review which, for…

Judge Stops Illegal Immigrant Identity Theft Sting

A Colorado judge has halted an innovative and effective county operation that has led to the arrest of dozens of illegal immigrants who used fake or stolen identities to get federal tax returns.  Launched in October by the sheriff and district attorney in north central Colorado’s Weld County, the operation…

Another Scandal Rocks Camp Obama

Barack Obama hasn’t even moved into the White House and already his administration is embroiled in a second corruption scandal, this week the grand jury investigation of a cabinet member who’s the governor of New Mexico.   The week after his friend and political ally—Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich—gets indicted for…

Jackson Reps Offer $1 Million For Senate Appt.

Rich supporters of the Illinois congressman prominently mentioned in Rod Blagojevich’s indictment offered the disgraced governor $1 million to secure his appointment to Barack Obama’s old Senate seat.  When news broke that Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr., a seven-term House member, was “Senate Candidate 5" in Blagojevich’s massive 76-page federal

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