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Senator Used Office To Help Secret Employer

A federal agent specializing in public corruption cases says that an influential Maryland state lawmaker used his public office to benefit a large company that he secretly worked for. Democrat Senator Ulysses Currie, who chairs the powerful state panel (Senate Budget and Taxation Committee) that directs billions of dollars in…

Jailed Lawmaker Asks Bush For Clemency

The corrupt Republican congressman in jail for taking millions of dollars in bribes from a prominent defense contractor has asked President George W. Bush to grant him clemency before leaving office. San Diego Representative Randy “Duke” Cunningham is serving an eight-year federal prison sentence for taking $2.4 million in cash,…

Two Judges, Court Clerk Indicted

Two Georgia judges and a county court administrator have been federally charged for operating multiple schemes to defraud taxpayers, including illegally paying employees with court fees, giving friends high-paying jobs and fixing cases. A lengthy 19-count indictment charges a veteran Superior Court judge in rural Clinch County as well as…

Corruption Probe Doesn’t Stop Gov.’s Cash Flow

Although he has already spent more than $2 million in legal fees to fend off an ongoing federal corruption probe, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich continues to rake in millions of dollars in contributions from sate contractors that regularly seek his help and influence. Just last month, Blagojevich’s top adviser and fundraiser (Antoin Rezko)…

Sanctuary City Protects Illegal Immigrant Murderer

A notorious sanctuary city’s longtime practice of protecting illegal immigrant felons from deportation allowed a repeat offender to brutally murder a father and his two sons on that city’s streets. For decades San Francisco authorities have shielded juvenile illegal immigrants—even those guilty of committing violent crimes—from deportation, spending millions

Public Official Promotes Illegal Immigrant Perks

The superintendent in a large southern California public school district is spending tax dollars on an outreach campaign to let illegal immigrants know they qualify for discounted in-state tuition at all the state’s public colleges. San Bernardino County Superintendent Herbert Fischer, an elected official that serves four-year terms, believes many…

Terrorism Funds Spent On Lavish Comfort Capsules

Millions of taxpayer dollars intended to counter terrorism have instead been diverted by the U.S. Air Force to create “world class” aircraft accommodations for senior officers featuring plush leather chairs, large flat-screen monitors and fancy stereo speakers. Known as “comfort capsules,” the extravagantly designed military planes are apparently crucial

N.Y. Taxpayers Milked By Part-Time Lawyers

A statewide investigation of lawyers and other professionals who work limited hours for local governments yet illegally collect full benefits has already saved New York taxpayers nearly $1 million and more savings appear to be on the horizon. The state attorney general’s office has so far identified more than 200…

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