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Was U.S.-Mexico Deal Behind Border Patrol Convictions?

Judicial Watch was in federal court this week in its ongoing effort to obtain potentially damaging information from the U.S. government regarding Mexico’s role in the conviction of two U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot an illegal immigrant drug smuggler. Just days after the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing…

Terrorist Front Groups Still Open In Michigan

While federal officials brag about finally shutting down a pair of Michigan terrorist front groups operating as charities, two larger Middle Eastern groups that openly fund Al-Qaeda terrorists remain open in the state. Evidently, the FBI raided two of Michigan’s smaller terrorist front organizations this week in Dearborn while two…

U.S. Govt. Gives Dead Farmers $1.1 Billion

A federal program created to help financially struggling farmers has instead given more than $1 billion taxpayer dollars to dead people because government auditors failed to assure that the money was properly distributed. Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the federal government annually gives the nation’s farmers an estimated…

Phoenix Airport Security Closes At Night

While federal officials assure that beefed-up security at all of the nation’s airports will prevent a terrorist attack, passengers and employees at one Arizona airport go unchecked for lengthy periods each night when screeners evidently feel there is no threat among those boarding airplanes. The appalling security violations take place…

Nuclear Secrets Stolen From Govt. Lab

For the second time in less than a year, classified nuclear secrets have been stolen from a U.S. government laboratory left vulnerable to serious security breaches by federal authorities. Months after local police accidentally stumbled across classified computer disks stolen from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, a…

U.S. Agency Creates Airport Insecurity

Already in trouble for allowing numerous airport security lapses nationwide, the federal agency in charge of protecting the country’s transportation system suffered yet another embarrassing incident this week at a California airport. Security officers from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) actually lost track of a passenger whose bag contained

U.S. City Gives Illegal Immigrants Official ID

A Connecticut city will become the first in the United States next week to offer official identification cards to illegal immigrants so that they can enjoy public services and integrate into the community. The controversial measure was overwhelmingly passed by the New Haven Board of Alderman last month and, although…

Million-Dollar Earmark To Nonexistent Organization

In yet another example of the rampant waste and abuse with Congressional earmarks, a well-known Democratic lawmaker allocated $1 million taxpayer dollars to an organization that doesn’t even exist. Even after fellow legislators questioned the money’s listed recipient, the earmark remained attached to a bill–sponsored by a separate Democratic

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