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Obama Wants Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

In an effort to reverse his rapidly diminishing popularity among California Hispanics, Illinois Senator Barack Obama has announced support for a controversial plan that stirred massive outrage when Hillary Clinton recently endorsed it—granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Trailing 3-to-1 behind Clinton in several California polls, Obama has taken

Ethics On A Steady Decline

An uncontrollable urge to excuse unethical behavior, hypocrisy and denial are responsible for a serious ethical decline in both the public and private sectors, according to a nationally renowned expert on the subject. Citing an appalling litany of recent government corruption scandals, ethics expert Marianne Jennings, a professor at Arizona…

Rules Don’t Stop Hillary From Campaigning

Even though Democratic presidential candidates pledged not to campaign in Florida after its primary was moved up, Hillary Clinton spent the weekend in the Sunshine State raising big bucks and campaigning before Tuesday’s big event. Violating her own party’s rules, Clinton toured south Florida with the mayor of Miami (Manny…

Baby’s Death Blamed On Immigration Law

Open border advocates are blaming the death of an Oklahoma infant on the state’s new immigration reform law, claiming the sick baby’s illegal immigrant parents didn’t get medical help because they feared being deported even though the law had not yet been implemented. The two month-old infant had diarrhea for…

Feds Won’t Help City Curb Illegal Immigration

The federal government is refusing to help a Texas town that wants to crack down on illegal immigration by denying access to a database that would determine whether applicants who want to rent housing are in the country legally. Desperate to curb the large influx of illegal aliens that have…

Mayor Lies In Court To Hide Affair With Employee

The mayor of a major U.S. city and his chief of staff lied under oath at a police whistleblower trial to conceal their extramarital affair and could face up to 15 years in prison for felony perjury. During court testimony last summer Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick repeatedly denied his romantic…

Escalating Violence Puts Border Patrol Under Siege

Days after a U.S. Border Patrol agent was deliberately killed by Mexican smugglers Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff revealed that agents are regularly under siege by violent drug cartels and that violence along the border will definitely increase this year. Chertoff disclosed the information while discussing the tragic death of…

Obama Linked To Federal Corruption Trial

The upcoming federal corruption trial of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s longtime friend and financial supporter is sure to undermine the Illinois senator’s self-promoted, squeaky-clean image of exceptionally high ethical standards and claims of never being influenced by special interests. In fact, timing couldn’t be worst for the Democratic presidential

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