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Texas Federal Judge Gets Admonished

A Texas federal judge with a controversial history has been reprimanded by a judicial council after a secret four-month inquiry into his pattern of sexual impropriety and abuse of power. Although disciplinary actions against federal judges are rare, the Judicial Council of the Fifth U.S. Circuit found ample evidence to…

FBI Lax On Detecting Double Agents

Six years after one of its veteran agents was caught spying for Russia, the Federal Bureau of Investigation remains vulnerable to espionage from within because the agency has failed to adopt adequate security measures. As the nationâ??s lead law enforcement and domestic spy agency, the FBI was to implement security…

Another Publicly Funded Day Laborer Center

Officials in one South Florida county have come up with a costly taxpayer-funded solution to accommodate illegal immigrant day laborers who in the past have been arrested for soliciting and loitering. Thanks to a veteran commissioner (Dennis C. Moss), Miami Dade County has allocated $200,000 to build a day laborer…

Illegal Immigrants Cost L.A. County $1 Billion A Year

Taxpayers in the nationâ??s most populous county pay more than $1 billion annually for services that go to illegal immigrants with the biggest chunks going to welfare and food stamp benefits followed by healthcare. A new report published by the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services reveals that the…

Arizona Town Curbs Day Laborer Hazards

An Arizona townâ??s new law passed to curb traffic hazards by banning loitering and prohibiting drivers from stopping on public roads has already led to the arrest of nine illegal immigrants. Located east of Phoenix in Maricopa County, the town of Cave Creek is only about 31 square miles and…

Trial Starts For Contractor Who Bribed Lawmakers

The prominent defense contractor who served as a Republican presidential and gubernatorial campaign finance chairman will go on trial this week for bribing a jailed congressman with cash, luxury items and even prostitutes. More than a dozen House members from both parties have been subpoenaed in the San Diego trial…

Rep. Doolittle Fights Subpoena For Records

An embattled congressman is fighting a federal subpoena for records that could criminally link him to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, saying the Constitution forbids the executive branch from intervening in legislative affairs. In its ongoing Abramoff influence-peddling investigation, the Department of Justice is aggressively seeking evidence that could tie

Pelosi Promotes Illegal Immigrant Agenda

Pandering to Hispanics at a Texas university located minutes from the Mexican border, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advocated her open-border policy and touted legislation that will give illegal immigrants reduced college tuition and U.S. citizenship. Although Pelosiâ??s address at the annual Hispanic Engineering, Science and Technology conference was not

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